2 pack Excellent Stick Noodles 227grams Review

Excellent Pancit Filipino Noodles 2 Pack Review

Online sari sari store gives 2 pack Excellent Stick Noodles  an overall rating of 9.4 out of 10, with a price range of $13.97. This are rice noodles or Bihon as it is known in the Philippines. This is a pretty tricky noodle to cook. You have to let them sit on water to properly soften them. Canton on the other hand is a quick to cook noodle and best served with vegetables and meat.

Manufacturers Product Description

Excellent Rice Stick (Special Bihon) in 8oz (227g) bag. Rice Sticks are thin noodles made from rice, it is also known as Rice vermicelli, maifun in cantonese or Pancit Bihon in Philippines. Once tasted ever wanted! Product of Philippines.

Noodles are loved in the Philippines. It is, by legend, food that prolongs life. This is the fountain of youth!

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This are light and flavorful noodles. These are of the best quality and are shipped in a timely fashion. these are a product of the Philippines.