555 Sardines

555 Sardines is a top product of the Century Pacific Group, that for more than 30 years now has been accepted by Filipinos. As a matter of fact, 555 sardines is a household name. Because of its long years of establishment, people trust 555 Sardines to deliver delectable and healthy canned sardines. Locally, 555 Sardines enjoy a good percentage of customer sales, at times even dominating the market.

Known for being budget friendly, 555 Sardines also satisfies customers with quality sardines that is nutritious and delicious. The Century Pacific Group and 555 Sardines have always had a passion of providing its consumers with premium sardines at low prices.


Why most people choose 555 Sardine brands

A review of the 555 Sardines

Filipinos contented with simple meals love 555 Sardines. It alone is delicious enough with rice or bread. People on the rush who do not have time to cook can just open a 555 Sardines can and that would be just fine.

555 Sardine products are delicious. 555 canned sardines are made with the best fish and ingredients that suits the taste of many. It also comes in varieties of flavors and sizes. People can choose different 555 sardines cooked in different Filipino recipes.

Speaking of recipes, 555 sardine products are perfect for cooking. 555 Sardines complement vegetables. Simple stews can turn into delectable dishes families and friends can enjoy.

Hiking, going to nature trips or any outings can be fun with quick meals. 555 Sardine cans are light and easy to carry. There’s no need for cooking, opening a 555 canned sardines is so easy and it’s ready to eat.

555 Sardines are definitely cost friendly. Many people who want to save choose 555 sardine products for they can have more for less.

Tomato sauces that come with 555 sardines are not bland, they have a flavor that is much appreciated by many Filipinos..

Enjoy the many 555 Sardines variations


555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce

555 Sardine products are nutritious and healthy. Besides being delicious, each 555 sardine can is fortified with vitamin A for good eye sight. 555 canned sardines are rich with calcium, protein vitamin D and iodine.

The 555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce is available in            155g

555 Sardine packs are also available:              100x155g

555 sardine Packs are also available:              48x425g


555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili

Enjoy delicious sardines in tomato sauce with chili. This 555 canned sardine variant is perfect for those who want a touch of spice to their meals. Just open the can and it is ready to eat with hot rice. You can also cook 555 sardines with vegetables and other dishes. Tomato sauce is rich with lycopene which is helpful in preventing certain cancers.


555 Sardines in Natural Oil

This 555 canned sardine variant comes in natural fish oil. You will definitely taste the natural flavor of sardines as 555 cans them fresh. 555 Sardines in natural oil is delicious as viand or when used as spread in bread.

555 Sardines in Natural Oil is available in                 155g


555 Sardines Spanish Style

This 555 canned sardines also comes with natural fish oil but with a twist of Spanish blend of spices.

555 Sardines Spanish Style is available in                  155g


555 Fried Sardines with Tausi

This 555 canned sardines variant is deep fried. Experience the crispy and tasty flavor of fried sardines with especially chosen spices. It has a mild taste of sweetness that you will surely like.

555 fried Sardines is available in                               155g


555 Fried Sardines Hot and Spicy

Indulge yourself with delicious meals whatever time of the day with this hot and spicy 555 sardine variant. Crispy fried sardines with spices and chili is perfect when watching you favorite sports show.

555 Fried Sardines Hot and Spicy is available in         155g


555 Fried Sardines Bistek

Originally a beef recipe, 555 has done a wonderful job of incorporating sardines with this Filipino recipe. Sauces that come with 555 Sardines are great. Many love it when topped over rice or when used as ingredient for cooking.

555 Fried Sardines Bistek is available in                     155g



555 Fried Sardines Escabeche

Enjoy Filipino recipes with 555 sardines. Try this 555 canned sardine variant if you like escabeche. It stays true to the original taste and has all the nutritional values of sardines.

555 Fried Sardines Escabeche is available in                                                155g


555 Premium Bottled Sardines

Enjoy the taste of premium sardines with this 555 canned sardines variant. Immersed in its natural oil with a blend of selected spices, 555 Premium Bottled Sardines is a real treat.

555 Premium Bottled Sardines is available in 230g bottles.



Try this recipe with your 555 sardines

Sardines in tomato sauce with onion and Vegetables

1 large brown onion
1 155 gram 555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Black pepper to taste (optional)

Pechay, sayote fruit or sayote tops washed and cut to preferred sizes


1.  Slice the onion into rings, sauté in little oil in a frying pan.
2. When the onions are a little bit browned, add the sardines in tomato sauce and add one cup of water.

3. Carefully stir the sardines and onions all together, now add preferred vegetables and wait until cooked.

4. Sprinkle black pepper to taste.

5. Serve with rice. Enjoy.



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