Barrio Fiesta Kaong: Filipino desserts with kaong

barrio fiesta kaong


Isn’t kaong a yummy ingredient to desserts? Summer or not, this tropical fruit is delicious and a reminder of the fun days of eating and drinking Filipino cuisines such as samalamig, macaroni salad and halo-halo. If you’re a Filipino, you will surely know this and if you’re from another country, having a taste of kaong will surely make you happy you tried it. It is often called sugar palm fruit and is cooked by boiling with sugar and syrup for flavor before bottling or canning.


Why is Barrio Fiesta Kaong the Most Preferred Brand by Filipinos?

A Kaong (sugar palm fruit) Review

Barrio Fiesta has become a popular Filipino food manufacturer and its kaong is simply the best. Contained in bottle jars, its freshness and flavor is preserved, it is absolutely delicious. Most kaong from Barrio Fiesta are white in color which is actually the natural color. Most people prefer this for artificial coloring often times have too much chemicals in them.

As an ingredient, this brand is perfect with your halo-halo and gulaman drinks for it is softer than most brands. Chewing is enjoyable for this tropical fruit is also a bit slippery and smooth. This brand provides food lovers with excellent kaong with such a reasonable price. You should try these in your sweet macaroni salad or tropical fruit salad, they’re just great.

What desserts can you make with the Barrio Fiesta Kaong?


1. Simple Filipino Tropical Salad



1 bottle Barrio Fiesta Kaong
1 can pineapple tidbits
1 can tropical fruits
young coconut meat, shredded (buko)

1 8 ounce cream cheese
1 can condensed milk




In a container, melt cream cheese and add the condensed milk, mix.

Drain kaong and other fruits, mix in a separate large bowl along with the shredded coconut meat.

Pour in the cheese and milk mixture to the fruits. Cool in the fridge before serving.



2. Halo-halo with kaong





3 tbsp sweetened garbanzos

3 tbsp Saba bananas

3 tbsp boiled sweet potatoes cut in squares

3 tbsp ube or yam

2 tbsp leche flan

3 tbsp Barrio Fiesta kaong
3 tbsp langka (jackfruit)

3 tbsp macapuno (a variety of coconut meat sold in bottles)

3 tbsp sweetened kidney beans

3 tablespoons evaporated milk

1 ½ tbsp sugar (adjust amounts to your preference)

a scoop of ice cream on top (optional)

crushed ice





In a large and tall glass, mix in garbanzos, beans, jackfruit, sweet potatoes, macapuno, kaong and bananas.


Fill the glass with shaved ice and then pour evaporated milk over it.


Add a scoop of ice cream, then the yam and leche flan.




Barrio Fiesta Kaong Description



Philippine kaong

Kaong is oblong in shape and is naturally white in color though some variants are colored green and red to make food more appetizing. It is a tropical fruit that comes from the sugar palm tree. Barrio Fiesta kaong are boiled with sugar and are bottled with natural sweet syrup. This fruit is an ingredient to Filipino desserts such as halo-halo and ginataang matamis among others.



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Barrio Fiesta kaong is a product of the Philippines and is being exported overseas. Their offices and factories are located all over the Philippines and have expanded in the USA. Barrio Fiesta, a successful food company specializes in manufacturing native Filipino food and ingredients such as bagoong, patis and kaong.

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