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Philippine nata de coco

Have you ever tasted a Filipino coffee recipe with nata de coco and kaong? You have got to try it, it is absolutely yummy! How about a sushi variant with mangoes and nata de coco? It’s heavenly, there are really few words to describe it. A native Filipino food product, nata de coco comes from coconuts and is an ingredient to numerous Filipino desserts, drinks and dishes. Known to be low in cholesterol and fat, this chewy coconut byproduct is rich with fiber which makes it a favorite snack for Japanese as well as Filipinos.


Kayumanggi Nata De Coco is one of the Philippines’ prides

A nata de coco brand review

Among all brands of nata de cooco sold in stores today, the Kayumanggi brand is the most affordable. Although it’s not as expensive as well known brands, this nata de coco is as good, rivaling leading brands’ quality and taste.

This brand manufactures its products in the colors white, green and red to add a more appetizing look in desserts and drinks. It is softer than most nata de coco with only its center having a tougher consistency but nevertheless, it’s chewy and delicious. This product is the perfect ingredient when you’re making macaroni salads, gulaman and other sweets as desserts.



Kayumanggi Nata De Coco Description


nata de coco

Philippine nata de coco

Small square shaped nata de coco is white naturally but some variants are colored red and green. They are translucent and are jelly like in appearance but are tough especially the core. Coming from coconuts, these snacks are mildly sweet and are great ingredients to Filipino desserts. They are bottled and immersed in syrup to maintain freshness, flavor and consistency.


What recipes can you make with the nata de coco?


1. Filipino Nata Roll



Kayumanggi Nata de coco



Suhi roll




On a mat, spread ½ of the nori.

Place the sushi rice over it and add in remaining ingredients.

Carefully roll the maki mat and once ready, slice in 6-7 pieces. Enjoy


2. Gelatin / Gulaman


1 1/2 cups Kayumanggi Nata de Coco
8 cups water
gelatin (red or green)
2 cups sugar
4 tablespoons cherry syrup
1 cup coconut cream


For the Topping:

1/2 cup Kayumanggi Nata de Coco cut in smaller cubes
5 pieces cherries



1. In a cooking pot,  dissolve gelatin in a small amount of water, mix in sugar.

2. Simmer for a while and then pour in coconut cream and mix well.
3. Using a molder with a hole at the center, spread the nata de coco then pour the gelatin over it and refrigirate until firm.
4. Remove from the molder and top with more nata de coco, cherries and cherry syrup.


3. Iced coffee with Nata de Coco



2    tablespoons coffee

1/4 cup kaong (sweet palm fruit)

1/4 cup Kayumanggi nata de coco

1/2 tsp buko pandan flavoring

1 tsp condensed milk or sugar

Ice cubes (optional)




1.  Mix coffee and sugar in 400ml of cold water.

2.  Add kaong, nata de coco, buko pandan flavoring and condensed milk and  a few ice cubes and stir well. Serve with a large straw.
Start enjoying Filipino desserts and beverages.


Order you Kayumanngi Nata de coco here, it’s easier. Nata de coco is a native Filipino dessert which can be an ingredient to various cuisines

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