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Philippine dried pony fish

Delicious “tuyo” or dried fish is one of the cuisines that define the Filipino food culture. Any Pinoy would be familiar with this food for it has shared the people’s history and tradition together.

Growing up, you must have been familiar to the smell of “tuyo” and its scrumptious flavor. Who can forget or resist it with sinangag, tomatoes and eggs? You probably prefer dried fish with vinegar too, or calamasi just like millions of Pinoys here and abroad. Dried fish as food is really a part of our culture and wherever we go, “tuyo” will be a cuisine we’ll always long for.

Lucia Dried Fish is here to satisfy

your craving for “tuyo


Lucia Dried Fish Review


Among other brands of dried fish, the Lucia brand offers the most varieties. There’s Herring (tunsoy) and Pony fish (sap-sap) among others that’s dried naturally and sold conveniently online. This brand of dried fish brings to customers the original taste of Filipino “tuyo”. It is salty of course but rinsing it in tap water easily removes much of the sodium content, then you can cook it any way you like and eat it with steaming rice. It’s delicious.

If you miss the taste of dried fish, Lucia should be the name you’re looking for. It cooks quickly so you don’t have to worry about the smell. If the scent however lingers more than expected, try leaving small amounts of vinegar in bowls in the kitchen or dining room. It effectively removes the odor.


Philippines’ dried fish products are delicious cuisines. Try them with these ideas:


1. Most Tagalongs like dried fish with Champorado (Chocolate Porridge). It sounds a bit absurd at first but trying it could be rewarding, you may like it just like the numerous men and women of the Katagalogan.

2. Breakfast can be so great with dried fish and sinangag and eggs. Another way to cook dried fish is upon frying (when still rare but browned at both sides), pour over it beaten eggs just like when making omelets. Your eggs will be delicious with the natural taste of salted fish mixed with it.

3. In the Cordilleras, a lot of people soak dried fish in saucers of vinegar and chili just upon frying. This removes much of the salty flavor and at the same time combines an appetizing sour and chili taste. Eat it with steamed rice, tomatoes and fresh onion rings, yummy.

4. In some parts of Ilocos, they love sinigang with dried fish. Again it’s the combination of a fruity or sour taste with another salty viand. Plates are filled with rice and sinigang soup plus fried dried fish, it’s really good.

5. In Japan, fried dried fish is kept and mixed with broth. This broth is used as soup for miki noodles or any type of noodles commonly served in restaurants. You have to try this idea, it’s quite good.



Lucia Dried Fish Description


herring dried fish

Philippine dried fish

Lucia Dried Fish makes use of Herring and Pony fishes as its products. Fresh from the seas of the Philippines, the fishes are dried and salted using the best methods to deliver satisfaction. It is contained in cellophane packaging and can be ordered online.


Dried Fish or sometimes called stock fish is way of preserving fish thru dehydration. Some of the fishes are salted as is popular in Asia while in the West, it generally is not. Satisfy your craving of the Philippines’ native foods. Order your Lucia Dried Fish here, purchasing is so easy.