Cheerios Cereal Treats

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Yummy Cheerios treats are amazing breakfasts aren’t they? Heading out to school or to work, we can be comfortable doing our best after eating the energizing Cheerios treats, a bowl of these breakfast cereals can provide us with vitamins and carbs to fuel us during the morning. These delicious grain oats are one hundred percent free of saturated fats and are cholesterol free. They are shaped in circles and are attractively appetizing especially when added either fruits or milk. Cheerios treats are an excellent source of folic acid and fiber too.

If you’re the one who likes quick breakfasts, Cheerios treats are great for you. Ready to eat out of the box, these cereal can be prepared right away with no cooking required. Cereals are a good way to take care of the body and with Cheerios treats, you’ll also be enjoying a delicious meal.


How can you make a breakfast of champions with Cheerios treats?

1. Cheerios treats can be eaten out of the box in bowls.

2. Cheerios treats can be poured in bowls with milk. They can also taste very good with strawberries, apple slices, pears, melon slices and just about any fruit there is.


Cheerios treats are delicious and nutritious, here’s a look at a summarized list of its nutrients:


Calories 100                                        Sodium 160 mg

Total Fat 2 g                                        Potassium 170 mg

Saturated 0 g                                     Total Carbs 20 g

Polyunsaturated 1 g                        Dietary Fiber 3 g

Monounsaturated 1 g                    Sugars 1 g

Trans 0 g                                              Protein 3 g

Cholesterol 0 mg


Vitamin A 10%                   Calcium 10%

Vitamin C 10%                   Iron 45%


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.



Why should you choose every Cheerios treats for your family?

If you want to show your children or every family member how much you love them, make them a bowl of delicious Cheerios treats whether it’s for breakfast or any meal of the day. Compared to corn chips or any junk food, Cheerios treats can benefit the health with its vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. Fiber which can be found in these “o” shaped cereal is also beneficial to our digestive system.

Among the many brands of breakfast cereal found in stores, Cheerios treats are among the most delicious and because of their taste, this brand is ordered in all the corners of the world via the internet.

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Try the many Cheerios treats variants and practice healthy eating today. You can order these breakfast cereals here for ease of shopping. Cheerios treats are really delicious and nutritious.