Assorted Filipino food Nagaraya Cracker Philippine Review

71v4oSSikSL._SX522SX522_SY573_CR,0,0,522,573_PIbundle-7,TopRigOnline sari sari store gives this Assorted Filipino food  an overall rating of 9.4 out of 10, with a price range of $26.99. This is a nice collection of Filipino snacks from Dried Mangoes to choco Mallows. If you want to have a nice feel of the Filipino food – try this one. This is the complete set.

Manufacturers Product Description

  • Assorted Filipino food/snacks
  • (7Count) 1 Nagaraya Cracker nut
  • 1 Choco mallows
  • 1 Polvoron
  • 3 MelonCake
  • 1 Dried Philippine Mango


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A closer look at the Assorted Filipino food

  • Nagaraya Cracker nut – Peanut covered in nice crispy coat
  • Choco mallows – mallows covered in nice chocolates with a biscuit at the bottom
  • Polvoron – Milky powders shaped and tossed with margarine or butter. Powdery and very Brittle.
  • Melon Cake – Fluffy cup cakes made with melon flavor
  • Dried Philippine Mango – World renowned Mangoes, sun dried and very delicious

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