Boy Bawang

Boy Bawang General Information

Boy Bawang is a local corn snack in the Philippines. This is a remarkable feat for KSK food products, killing all competitors on corn nuts snacks. Established in 1990, KSK launched Boy Bawang and soon after defeated all other corn snacks in the Market.


Boy Bawang is famous for its tangy garlic flavor which has been the fore front of their branding. Bawang translates to Garlic in English.


Boy Bawang Review

What is so good about Boy Bawang? It has garlic as its main flavor. Garlic is loved by Filipinos for song as you can date in history. This is the reason why Filipinos have embraced this tasty treat. Boy bawang is derived from Filipino street food. In most streets in the Philippines, you can see a lot of food stands selling peanuts, mixed nuts, and cashew nuts: All they have in common is salt and garlic.


Boy Bawang of course has a lot of sodium glutamate, which enriches the flavor. It doesn’t have the common salt to flavor it. Aside from the common Boy Bawang flavor, KSK has and will be launching a lot more, broadening their audience.


Boy Bawang is the first of its kind, commonly called as cornick, to be packaged and sold in a global market. This is of course the vision of KSK foods. This is the reason why it is so well loved. Most cornick before Boy Bawang were sold in smaller stalls, and sari sari stores. Packaging was limited to smaller distributions to kids that are addicted to buying 1 Peso snacks. Boy Bawang was marketed in malls in several packages, loved by people of all ages. This made their market share unanimous.


Boy Bawang available Online

You can buy Boy bawang online through Amazon. There are many flavors available as launched by KSK foods.

BOY Bawang Flavors

Boy bawang has launched a lot of flavors following the success of the original garlic flavor, all of which to broaden their market and to entice more followers.

Boy Bawang Garlic Flavor

Boy Bawang Garlic flavor is the original flavor of this great snack. This is the pack you wish to have if you ever want to know what made this brand grow.


Boy Bawang Chili Cheese

Boy Bawang released the chili cheese flavor and is now available on line. The flavoring powder coats the corn nuts giving it the unique pop corn like appeal, even more kick with the chili.

Boy Bawang Adobo Flavor

Adobo is a common Filipino food, based n soy sauce vinegar and garlic.  This is a house hold favorite, easy to prepare and enjoy, can be done on chicken or pork. Bow Bawang has adapted this thought and made adobo a flavor for its rock star corn nuts.

Boy Bawang Barbecue Flavor

Barbecue is everyone’s favorite. Now you can enjoy this on Boy Bawang as well. Get that sweet flavor form Boy Bawang new flavor.

Boy Bawang Hot Garlic Flavor

This is a remake of their original flavor, only hotter. If you feel like the original Boy Bawang lacks the spice, get this pack and it’ll put that hot chill in your mouth.

Boy Bawang Lechon Manok Flavor

Lechon, a Filipino food and a symbol of prestige for feasts has also been adapted by Boy Bawang. You can now have the Lechon Manok flavor (Roasted Chicken) in every pack.

Boy Bawang Tamis Anghang Flavor

Tamis Anghang: denoting a sweet – hot flavor, very intriguing to the tongue. A mix of these flavors will turn you over asking for more. Boy Bawang Tamis Anghang will twist your mind.


Boy Bawang Ingredients

Fried Corn, Vegetable Oil, Iodized Salt, Garlic, Monosodium Glutamate, Sugar and Chili Powder


Looking at the Boy Bawang ingredients; they are pretty simple and you think you can make something that’s genuinely like Boy Bawang. Think Again, mess up the ratios and you’ll end up with crap.