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Buy Piattos Online – General Review

One the favorite potato chips in the Philippines is Piattos and now you can buy Piattos online. This snack from Jack n Jill has taken the Philippine by Storm. Ever since its inception, the original flavor has always been stacked in every store. Even small sari sari stores in the metro has them ready.

There is something about that rich cheese flavor (I am talking about the original flavor ) that drives us to get a pack and start picking. The shape of the chip is also unique – it’s a hexagon. This uniqueness has also driven some curiosity. Well, Piattos continues to be one of the more famous chips in the Philippines, and I certainly enjoy it. I like it especially when the cheesy flavor sticky to your fingers – and you know what kids to, finger lickin’ mode.


Piattos is available online, at least the original and BBQ flavor. For now sour cream flavor cannot be found at amazon, but perhaps some guy will if he reads that there are a lot out there looking for it.


Buy Piattos Online at Amazon

You can buy Piattos online. Please follow the link below. There is a seller in amazon.

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