Big Bang from Jack n Jill

Big Bang from Jack n Jill – General Review

big bang jack n jill

jack n jill's big bang

This chewy attraction from Jack n Jill Memories: Do you remember when you used to run to the store and buy that chewy choco – peanut caramel bar? Well if you have then I think this is the time you do. There are a lot of Jack n Jill snack sold in the internet today. This is the time when you can start to indulge to your kiddie favorites.

It was a blast from Jack n Jill. This was part of the favorites Cloud 9 and Chewy Choco. The Big Bang was like the younger brother of both, but this was the kiddie favorites. If Cloud 9 was the beatles, Big Bang was the Rolling Stones. The star on the rock start.


Well what I am just trying to say is that, if you miss it, grab it. This is the chance. Everyonbody loves their child hood comfort food. It is such a nice way to celebrate life, by celebrating childhood favorites.

Buy Big Bang online at Amazon

You can buy online from Jack n Jill, unfortunately looks like this is not available at amazon anymore. The best way is to order from some friends back in the philippines and have it shipped over.

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