Clara Ole Chunky Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce

clara ole chunky tomato with basil pasta sauceClara Ole Chunky Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce is a new offering. This pasta sauce comes with a packaging good for a great serving of pasta. This pasta sauce can go along wiht any pasta, but we’ve actually tried this and it goes well with Penne. The flavor is deep with tomato, and the chunks are seen clearly. We typically enjoy this on nights when we try to have pasta for dinner but do not want to waste too much time for the preparation. This is where these single packets of pasta come in handy – its almost like a ready to eat meal.

You can cook any pasta as directed by the packaging. A lot of us try to get fancy with the pasta and that is perfectly fine. For the sauce, heating this single packet is ok. But of course it’s always perfect to add more flavor. Meat is one perfect addition. We try to add seared chicken breast as a topping and some onion chives. They go well. You can try to experiment as much as you want, but my wife and I try to minimize experimentations with food, so we do not have to sacrifice dinner.

This is one of the flavors of Clara Ole premium pasta sauces. We will try to write more about the other flavors.

Clara Ole Chunky Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce Reviews, Rating and Pricing

The price is quite cheap at less than Php 50. The flavor is not cheap – it has its own complications. The chunks of the tomato determine the flavor of this pasta sauce. The strong tomato flavor – natural flavor as a matter of fact, is very appealing. The sour sweet natural flavor of the tomato brings in a tang in the tongue and is perfect for a good night meal. The basil adds a kick and brings in a more minty flavor with the pasta sauce.