Aceite Alcanforado

Aceite Alcanforado

Aceite Alcanforado

Ever heard about the term “Aceite Alcanforado” from your mother and grandmother? If you have a baby yourself, you might have encountered some doting members of your extended family offering you a bottle of this product to use on the child. They usually would tell you to use it together with another product, Aceite Manzanilla, and hand you a thin white cloth called “bigkis” to tie around the baby’s tummy. But, do they have a scientific explanation as to how Aceite Alcanforado could provide relief to certain ailments? I could not remember our paediatrician recommending this product but somehow, whenever I used it on my child, I see that he is actually relieved from his minor discomforts. What is Aceite Alcanforado and what benefits does it give? Read on for more information.


Aceite Alcanforado Magical Oil

Aceite Alcanforado, or Camphorated Oil, is a transparent yellowish liquid that some people I know of use against any type of discomfort that needs massaging. It has many uses, including pain relief (usually for muscular and joint aches), itch reduction (due to its anti-inflammatory property), improvement of circulation, and decongestant action (thru vapour therapy). When used together with another essential oil, Aceite Manzanilla, this product may be used against colic.


Info on Aceite Alcanforado

The most popular brand available in drug stores is Rhea Aceite Alcanforado, a product by Philusa Corporation, which is available in 15, 60 and 120 ml bottles. It contains Camphor, a substance that is poisonous when ingested, thus it is intended only for external use. Aceite Alcanforado is indicated for use in the following: sprains, simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, colds, and bronchitis. It should not be used on broken skin, and caution should be taken to prevent product from getting into eyes and mucous membranes (e.g., inside of nose). Also, in case of skin irritation, use of this product must be discontinued.



Aceite Alcanforado Aficionados

Here in the Philippines, Aceite Alcanforado is used mainly to treat respiratory problems in infants such as colds. Some parents may also use this together with Aceite Manzanilla to treat a newborn’s colic. Though not generally recommended by doctors, it is not contraindicated either. I have also found out that Aceite Alcanforado is more of a wellness product than an actual medication. But some Filipinos are still advocating this alternative form of therapy because they think it is natural (since it is an essential oil). Though this product could actually be beneficial, it is still suggested that people take their prescribed medications (if there are any) while using “camphorated oil” as an adjunctive treatment.

In my case, I was completely satisfied with this product. In fact, I used it when my child was just a newborn, to treat some of his respiratory and gastric (tummy) ailments, and proved that it is indeed an effective and inexpensive remedy for simple illnesses.

So, if all you want is quick and affordable relief for some of your minor bodily discomforts (that does not require hospitalization), then try using Aceite Alcanforado today.

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