Blend 45

Blend 45 is an original coffee brand from the Philippines. For more than forty years now, Blend 45 still delights people with its fresh aroma and excellent taste. Blend 45 has the flavor Filipinos have grown so accustomed to. Through the years, Filipinos here and abroad have remained loyal to Blend 45 preferring it over imported coffee brands. Blend 45 has shared so many traditions and cultural practices with Filipinos. It has been with the people during fiestas, greeted them after simbang gabi and woke them up every New Year’s Eve.


A product of Universal Robina, Blend 45 has proven excellence, reliability and originality. With this, Blend 45 has earned the people’s trust and loyalty making it the most favored Filipino coffee.


Why Blend 45 remains the choice for so many Filipinos

(A review of Blend 45 instant coffee and 3 in 1 coffee)

Made from the choicest native coffee beans, Blend 45 produces the best tasting instant coffee Filipinos appreciate. Its aroma alone will keep you wanting to sip after sip. Filipinos across the globe still search the internet to order this instant coffee. Blend 45 is truly the Filipino coffee.


Blend 45 is a delicious ingredient to frappe and other instant coffee recipes. It adapts and maintains its genuine coffee taste even when mixed with other ingredients and prepared in any temperature. Try different Blend 45 instant coffee recipes and surprise yourself at how a refreshing coffee recipe can cost so little.


If you want a quick coffee mix when you’re always on the go, the Blend 45 3 in 1 coffee is the right one for you. With the perfect amounts of coffee, creamer and sugar, you can trust that Blend 45 3 in 1 coffee will give you that great coffee experience. This is the best 3 in 1 coffee in supermarkets today.


Taste genuine Filipino coffee with the Blend 45 instant coffee

Blend 45 is available in the following sizes and varieties:


Blend 45 3 in 1 Coffee             20 grams sachet

Enjoy Blend 45 3 in 1 coffee for less than 10 pesos only!


Blend 45 instant coffee         25G

Blend 45 instant coffee         50G


Blend 4instant coffee         100G



Try this exciting Blend 45 instant coffee recipe


Café Viennese

Blend 45 is a perfect ingredient for this instant coffee recipe. Relax and enjoy while reading a paper or book with Blend 45.


1 cup Bend 45 instant coffee
2 cups instant hot cocoa mix (if you do not have this, any dark chocolate powder will do) 1teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
2 cups powdered creamer
1 ½ cups brown sugar



1. Mix all the powdered ingredients meticulously. Voila! This is your Café Viennese mix. Cover in a jar or sealed container.

2. When preparing for a cup of coffee:

a. Pour boiling water into a cup

b. Add 3-4 heaping teaspoons of the mixture per cup.

c. For extra effect, put in a little bit of whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon to the top of your coffee.


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