Mama Sita Breading Mix Review

Breading Mix Chapelure 1 76oz Pack Review

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This product from Mama Sita’s is a favorite in the Philippines. This is a part of the many comfort food you can surely be proud of. Mama Sita’s creates a lot of flavors, contemporary to that of the Philippines. This Breading mix is made to help in the kitchen. Make perfect golden brown fried chicken and pork chops, and other fried favorites with the help of this item. This is made with the right herdbs and spices, resulting in a balanced flavor, well loved by generations of Filipinos.

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Manufacturers Product Description

Mama Sita Breading mix in 1.76oz Pack. Just the right blend of herbs, spices and crunch makes this seasoning perfect for a variety of crispy breaded dishes. The famous Philippines seasoning. Product of Philippines.

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A closer look at the Breading Mix (Chapelure) – 1.76oz (Pack of 6)

This breading mix is made by mama sita’s, a company made to help you in the kitchen. If you want to add more kick, more flavor to your fried favorites other than just the usual salt and pepper, try this one. This breading mix has the properties to make for a crispy breaded dish. The right spices give you a nice kick, a good heat and certainly better than the old salt and pepper. Having a breading mix is definitely better, having it made by a notable kitchen product, legend!

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