Coffee Mate Caramel

Coffee mare vanilla caramel

coffee mate caramel

Have a good start to the day by pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee mixed with the creamy Coffee Mate Caramel. Taste rich caramel flavor in your coffee while reading the paper and eating a mighty breakfast. Do you want your coffee to have that mild foam and creamy taste? Do you want to smell a sweet aroma with every sip of a cup? Let Coffee Mate Caramel please you with delicious tasting coffee whether it’s brewed or instant.

Coffee Mate Caramel is one of the newest flavored creamers Nestle has produced to gladden millions of coffee aficionados. Coffee Mate Caramel creates a smooth drink with delicious caramel flavor and latte smoothness. Mixed with hot coffee, this brand of creamer dissolves and blends very quickly, turning your drink into a light brown beverage that’s fragrant and absolutely delicious.


Whether it’s morning or night, or hot or cold, Coffee Mate Caramel will make your relaxing time so much enjoyable. Try it as an iced coffee ingredient too, that recipe will surely delight your senses.

The Coffee Mate Caramel Variants:

1. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Powder

This Coffee Mate Caramel variant is in powder form, once poured over a cup of drink (hot or cold), it dissolves and mixes easily providing you with a delicious beverage. A more preferred kind of creamer, this powdered Coffee Mate Caramel is easier to carry in bags when going to work or travelling.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated coconut or palm kernel, hydrogenated soybean), corn syrup solids, and less than 2% of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)***, natural and artificial flavors, dipotassium phosphate (moderates coffee acidity), mono- and diglycerides (prevents oil separation), salt, sodium aluminosilicate, sucralose.*** not a source of lactose.

Coffe mate Caramel

coffee mate caramel macchiato


2. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Liquid

Yummy coffee caramel macchiato recipes are easy with this liquid creamer. Just add to your cup of coffee and stir.

3. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Liquid- Sugar Free

Drink a great coffee recipe with this Coffee Mate Caramel version. It is sugar free so it’s ideal for those who want to cut down on their calorie intake. It’s best suited for iced coffees and other cold beverages.

4. Coffee Mate Caramel Vanilla – Powder/ Liquid (also available in sugar free version)

Another great Coffee Mate Caramel version, this creamer provides your drink with a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor.

Coffe mate Caramel

Coffee Mate Caramel Vanilla Sugar Free


Coffee Mate Caramel is coffee’s perfect partner

Why pay for expensive coffee recipes at cafes when you can create a delicious one at home? Coffee Mate Caramel is the easiest way of flavoring your coffee into something more special and you deserve just that today.

This creamer is not only limited to coffee but can be used on hot chocolate and tea as well. It is very versatile and a lot of customers praise it for the wondrous tastes it provides. Coffee Mate Caramel might just be the best and the most favored creamer in the country today, it is the most sought after in stores so we advise you to hurry up and buy the Coffee Mate Caramel before stocks run out. Can you believe hundreds of people said the Coffee Mate Caramel actually makes them happy? We do, the Coffee Mate Caramel is a delight in every coffee cup.