Kopiko Kopiccino: Becoming a Household Favorite

Following the large impact of the Kopiko brown coffee – Their Kopiccino is making huge difference for coffee lovers. Never had instant cappuccino been an instant hit; never had cappuccino been made an instant. The Kopiko Kopiccino can be called the first cappuccino instant…ever…


Kopiko Kopiccino instant Capuccino

Kopiko Kopiccino

What’s New About the Kopiko Kopiccino

The Kopiko Kopiccino is proceeding with the huge hit of the Kopiko Brown coffee. This made household instant coffee far more interesting. Kopiccino actually has froth the instant you add it to hot water – Although we would strongly suggest you add the hot water later. Adding water to the Kopiccino powder mix makes the froth rise – and it’s really cool.


Kopiko Kopiccino Choco Granule

The interesting thing is, Kopiccino has an extra. The package includes a choco granule mini pack. You add this to the froth to have a more incredible presentation. The coffee experience with Kopiko Kopiccino does not endd with presentation. The aroma gets you first – then the total coffee flavor of the cappuccino captures a gourmet like sensation. Far better than any instant coffee right?


You can actually design the choco granule on top of the froth. Make your coffee look interestingly professional. Gourmet coffee at home? Gourmet coffee made instant? This is what manufacturers have been dreaming, and this is something we haven’t been getting from them. An additional move for a choco granule sachet makes this kopiccino a little more closer to what we have been asking from the manufacturers.


Kopiko Kopiccino Preparation

Kopiccino preparation come as easy as they get – hot water 150 ml and all the instant coffee powder in one cup – add the choco granule. Stir and you’re done. That’s it. Nothing fancy about the preparation. They keep simple so you’ll focus on the comfort rather on the preparation.


Kopiko Kopiccino Ingredients:

There is nothing fancy about their ingredients either. But I would like to think they are keeping something from us.

Sugar, non-dairy creamer, instant coffee, choco granule, cappuccino flavor – this all sounds so simple and yet we are getting too much from this unique blend. Hmmm…is it me or are they just good at it?


Kopiko Kopiccino Choco granule

For all those wanting more choco granule, here are the ingredients: Sugar, malt extract, Skim milk, non-dairy creamer, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, stabilizer, beta carotene, cocoa powder, chocolate flavor, emulsifier, salt, vanillin and some other agents.


Sot the choco granules are actually more complicated than the powder body of the Kopiccino.


Where to buy the Kopiko Kopiccino

Kopiccino is actually made available everywhere. Unlike the Kopiko Brown Coffee that took some time to conquer the market, Koppiccino made an instant hit with their market value spearheading with the brown coffee. Visit the local grocers and other mini marts and it should be there.


I haven’t seen any Koppiko Kopiccino from Amzon.com just yet. Maybe I’ll be the one selling stuff from there. Hope to see this one available soon.






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