Del Monte Ketchup

Del Monte tomato ketchup has played a huge part in bringing delicious tomato flavour to every Filipino meal.  Del Monte ketchup is widely used to compliment fried chickens, hamburger, hotdogs and fries.  Delmonte catsup is also used to mix into sauces and tomato dishes to make dishes extra rich. Delmonte ketchup is the brand that majority of the consumers prefer because of its appealing color, taste and nutritional value. Thus, when we say delmonte ketchup, we stand for superior quality.


Del Monte Ketchup Manufacturer

Del Monte Philippines, Inc was founded in 1962 and is based in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Del Monte Philippines, Inc is a subsidiary of Del Monte Pacific, LTD.  It is the company that takes on processing, manufacturing and packing pineapple and tomato products. It also produces various tomato products i.e. spaghetti sauces and low-acid bean products, as well as mixed fruits. Although Del Monte offers various products, Del Monte tomato ketchup still remains as the leading product in the market.


Why choose Del Monte Ketchup?

 Aside from the fact that Delmonte catsup is manufactured by a reputable company, it cannot be denied that in terms of excellence and flavour delmonte catsup is the leading brand and never changed throughout the years. On top of that, Del Monte has been campaigning for the health benefits of their tomato products including Del Monte ketchup. This campaign resulted from the studies that frequent consumption of tomato products leads to decreased risk of cancer. Tomatoes contain lycopene which functions as antioxidants. Therefore, frequent consumption of DelMonte catsup can drive away any impurities in our body and keeps us healthy. Beyond doubt, Del Monte catsup provided the consumers with the option to enjoy food in a fit way because Del monte catsup is 100% natural and with no preservatives!

Del Monte Tomato Ketchup Varities

del monte catsup

Del Monte ketchup, comes in four varities:


  • Del Monte tomato ketchup “Original Blend”– for those who like the natural taste of tomatoes


  • Del Monte tomato ketchup “Sweet Blend”– recommended for those who like the goodness of tomato flavour savoured with extra sweetness
  • Del Monte tomato ketchup “Extra Rich”– for those who like their DelMonte ketchup with a thicker and richer consistency


  • Del Monte tomato ketchup “Hot n Spicy”– perfect for those who like to give their food extra heat



Del Monte catsup is also available in packs. So, everyone can enjoy this wonderful product

even on a tight budget.


Del Monte Tomato Ketchup recipes


Del Monte catsup is not only good as a dipping sauce but also a very good ingredient to our favourite dishes. Here are some ways to incorporate DelMonte catsup in our dishes:


Del Monte ketchup Pork BBQ

Del monte catsup can be used as an additional marinade to any barbeque dishes. Just mix it together with Del monte bbq marinade soy sauce and spread it all over the meat. Season with salt and pepper to enhance taste and definitely, Del Monte catsup will fire the grill.


Del Monte ketchup chilli

This is a very quick and simple recipe for busy weekdays. Just brown meat and chilli powder in a pan and add undrained Del Monte diced tomatoes, Del Monte catsup, beans and cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes. Del monte catsup will do the magic for you.


Del Monte ketchup spaghetti

Del monte catsup is truly a great add on or even a substitute to any spaghetti sauce dish.

Just sauté garlic, onion and meat of choice then, blend in Del Monte catsup with the tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce. This is a terrific and healthy combination for pasta lovers.




Del Monte tomato Ketchup Nutritional Facts

Serving size 1 tbsp (15.0 g)


Calories                 15%

Fat                         0%

Cholesterol            0%

Sodium                  7%

Carbohydrates      1%

Protein                  0%

Vitamin A              3%

Vitamin C              4%


*Based on a 2000 calorie diet


By merely looking at the data above, Del Monte ketchup is truly a healthy product. It has 0% fat and no cholesterol and very high in Vitamin C. Absolutely, Del Monte tomato ketchup is our perfect partner!










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