Best Chocolate Candies in the Philippines

Philippine chocolate candies

What are the best chocolate candies in the Philippines? Are they the ones that cost much? Are they the ones you always see in TV commercials?

Kids, young adults and even our grandparents would say that the best chocolate candies are the ones that made a name for themselves representing the Filipino taste. They are the ones that lasted and continue to delight Pinoys up until today. The best chocolate candies in the Philippines today are those that taste great but at the same time carry an identity that is them. Maybe this is the reason they’ve lasted this long.

The Best Chocolate Candies in the Philippines

  • Flat Tops –Yummy Flat Tops chocolate candies are made by Ricoa. These sweets have been around for many years now and are a favorite by Pinoys of all generations. The taste of Flat Tops is indeed sweet and chocolate-y, they are one of the best in the Philippines. They have a slight flavor of the chocolate-iness of Ricoa powdered cocoa which many find good. As suggested by its name, Flat Tops’ shape are rounded but are flat on its bottom and top. Flat Tops are individually enclosed in foil covers.

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  • Choc-nut – These chocolate candies are an absolute favorite and will always remain as the Pinoys most loved. Probably the best example of Pinoy tasting chocolate candy, the choc-nut is also ordered by many Pinoys abroad. This is one of the best sweets in the Philippines for it’s never expensive but completely delicious. The taste is characterized by the sweet fusion of peanut butter / peanut taste and chocolate. The texture is soft as it is kind of in powdered form but is shaped and can be held like a small bar.
  • Curly Tops – Grandparents confess that Curly Tops were such a favorite in the days and were used as gifts for those they courted. These chocolate candies are sweet and rich in chocolate flavor. They are quite hard but melts deliciously in the mouth. They are similar to Flat Tops in shape except that Curly Tops have paper holding them and are packed in small boxes. Flat Tops definitely are among the best chocolate candies in the Philippines today.
  • Goya Chocolate Coins – These chocolates look good in appearance as they are shaped like coins and are wrapped in gold colored foil. Inside, the chocolate are thin in width. Goya Chocolate Coins are really tasteful. To keep the shape of the coins, a thin cookie is used and is coated with delicious chocolate.
  • Goya Silver Cups – Goya has really proven that it’s the brand that produces the best kinds of chocolates. Goya Silver Cups is just one of those chocolate candies that is most loved by kids and adults. This brand of chocolate candies have a great flavor of sweetness and chocolate. In the mouth, you can just play with them and let them lusciously melt.
  • Nips – Colorful and yummy Nips are indeed one of the best chocolate candies in the Philippines. These small chocolate candies are small and rounded in shape. While the brown chocolate is delicious inside, sweet shells enclose them for double sweetness. These shells are great for they protect the chocolate from melting in your pocket or bag.

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