Alsa Gulaman

Alsa gulaman gelatinKids love gelatin and what better food to prepare during birthday parties and get togethers but good old gelatin recipes? Gulaman or gelatin is attractive to look at and somehow, even adults are drawn to take some of it. Have you ever seen gelatin recipes where moms used it in cake preparation? How about gelatin recipes where inside gulaman are strawberries and other fruits? It sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Wait till you taste it, gelatin recipes are absolutely delicious.

Alsa gulaman is the leading brand ofgelatin in the Philippines. Making gelatin is so easy and quick with Alsa, you’ll only need a cooking pan and a molder for the entire procedure. Another great thing about it is that Alsa gulaman works well in holding together fruits, small pieces of bread and almost all other tinier food ingredient. Say goodbye to messy and difficult ways of creating gelatin recipes. With Alsa gulaman, gelatin making is a dash.

Alsa Gulaman makes very attractive gelatin recipes and comes in flavored and unflavored variants. Creating gelatin recipes will be the easiest thing in the kitchen for Alsa makes use of gelatin powder to be dissolved and cooked in boiling water, that’s pretty much the procedure and you’ll be surprised at how Alsa gulaman preserves its consistency and smoothness. Below are the different Alsa gulaman variants present at Amazon to choose and enjoy. You can also order here to experience a quicker way of shopping.


Alsa Gulaman Red – unflavored

This Alsa gulaman variant comes in powder form and produces an appetizing red colored gelatin. It is unflavored so it’s ideal in mixing rich flavored ingredients.

alsa gulaman green gelatin

Alsa gulaman Green – unflavored

Powder in form, this Alsa gulaman variant produces a green gelatin that looks like a gem when done. It is unflavored so you can add your fruits with it as well as favorite fruit juices as its flavor.

*** There is an Alsa gulaman that’s clear and unflavored but Amazon does not have stocks right now. It’s a good gelatin for crystal clear gulaman is also attractive and appetizing especially when creating pies and tarts.


How to prepare the Alsa Gulaman

In a matter of minutes, you can create attractive gelatin with this brand, here’s how:

Directions for cooking the Alsa Gulaman:

In a cooking pot or pan, boil 1 ½ cups of water and in here dissolve the entire contents of an Alsa gulaman pouch. Please take note that you can increase or decrease the amount of water for a consistency that suits you. More water will result in a softer but oozy gelatin texture and lesser water will yield a gelatin that is compact – it stands / rises better plus is firmer, being able to hold fruits and other ingredients inside it.


Pour into mold and let cool to set, do not refrigerate just yet, set aside in room temperature until it settles ( this takes just a couple of minutes, then you can place inside the ref). Alsa Gulaman forms without refrigeration in 45 minutes but even faster when chilled.


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*** To add fruits to your Alsa Gulaman:

Add fruits when prepared gelatin has thickened slightly. In this way, you will be able to distribute solid ingredients such as strawberries, black berries and apple slices better and prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the mold.

*** To Unmold your Alsa Gulaman:

In unmolding the gelatin, loosen edges with a bread knife and turn the mold carefully upside down over a plate. Shake gently to loosen the gelatin, it will drop off on its own.


Alsa Gulaman is the brand of gelatin to buy, it yields the best consistency of gelatin

Among the many brands of gelatin in supermarkets, Alsa Gulaman acts as the most versatile being able to produce different textures and consistencies. As an ingredient to a dessert, this gulaman yields the greatest gelatin recipes as it acts as a binder for fruits, nuts, crumbs, grated coconut and almost all tinier ingredients. A lot of our Filipino friends abroad still order this product online for it is simply terrific, also, Alsa gulaman is more economical when compared to other brands.


Are you searching for quick and delicious gelatin recipes? Try these in your homes and serve your families a treat.


1. Berry gelatin recipe

This recipe is an old gelatin recipe done by mothers all over the world to make fruits look more appealing to kids.



2 packets Alsa unflavored gelatin

1/4 cup strawberries

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup blackberries

1/4 cup raspberries

1 ¼ cups water or

1 ¾ cup grape juice



Wash and remove any stem from the berries. Arrange all ingredients in any order you wish in a mold. Bring the grape juice to a boil and in it dissolve the Alsa gulaman. Mix well. Pour over the berry mixture and set aside to cool. Refrigerate before eating.


2. Crema de Fruta gelatin recipe

45g Alsa Gulaman

Graham biscuits
375ml Nestle All Purpose Cream

¼ cup condense milk
Fruit Cocktail with liquid drained – amount is dependent upon your desire
250ml boiling water

1. You’ll need a rectangular mold or pan for this gelatin recipe so wash one first. It should be pretty deep too (Try to pattern it to this loaf bread pan’s dimensions – Width 6.5 x Length 22.5 x Height 6cm). Fill only the bottom layer with graham crackers.

2. Mix all purpose cream with condense milk, stir well to blend taste.
3. Top this layer with 4 – 5 tablespoons of the cream mixture. Smoothen and level the cream out.

4. Top this cream layer with Graham crackers until covered completely.
5. Do steps 3 and 4 until the desired height is achieved. Take note that every layer is an alternating layer of cream and Graham crackers.

6. For the last layer, make sure that it is of cream and should be thicker, for here, you pour your fruits.
7. Dissolve and cook Alsa Gulaman using a cup of boiling water that’s still in a pot. Let cool for a few seconds
9. Pour the Alsa Gulaman over the fruits (make sure it’s still liquid in form) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.


*** Take note that the last layer of cream just before you pour your fruits must really be thick – about 7 spoonful thicker than the other layers so as to trap the gelatin above only.



Alsa Gulaman is a product of Lady’s Choice, a food company that is known in the Philippines for such a long time. Alsa gulaman has been a favorite of Filipinos in creating delicious gelatin recipes that is why they still look for this product online. Order your Alsa gulaman here for convenience of shopping.