Goya and the Best Chocolate Bars from the Philippines

goya dark chocolate

Satisfy your longing for sweet and exciting chocolates with Goya chocolate brands. These luscious chocolates are perfect for gifts and for yourself. Feel good and satisfied with Goya chocolates today.

Want to know which chocolate brands are number 1 here in the Philippines? That’s simple enough to answer: It’s the Goya brands! Chocolates made by Goya are delicious and offers lots of varieties for us sweet lovers to choose from. Proven by their 56 years of production, Goya chocolates are constantly supported, bought and loved by people of all generation.

Remember those good old days when parents brought home chocolates after work? We were just so excited for them to come home right? Many of us were thrilled which Goya chocolate mom and dad would bring home. Whatever it was though, it delighted us with its goodness and sweetness.


Goya Chocolates are simply the best


  • Goya Dark Chocolate – Simply delicious, Goya dark chocolate will make your day. It has the balance of the right kind of sweetness and the real flavor of cocoa. Unlike other dark chocolate brands, Goya is not at all bitter. In fact, the taste is just right and will definitely be your favorite. Dark chocolate is said to stimulate the “feel good hormones” in the body. So have a taste of Goya Dark Chocolates today and start feeling good.

  • Goya Chunky – Excitement in every bite is what Goya chunky offers. This chocolate is in the form of a bar and is rich in cocoa flavor. It’s big and heavy so it definitely satisfies. Its goodness is enhanced by delicious cashew nuts. The Goya Chunky is really delicious. It’s the best chocolate the Philippines offers, according to many.
  • Goya Indulgence – Eating this Goya chocolate is pure pleasure. Circular in shape, these treats are great baons for school and work. Whole almonds are coated first by luscious white chocolate and after that, it is again coated by flavorful dark chocolate. That’s 3 delicious reasons why Goya is simply the best chocolate.

goya chocolate

  • Goya Intense Dark – Discover why Goya Intense is such a favorite. This chocolate bar variant is delicious with its flavorful dark chocolate. Within the chocolate bar are real blueberries and cornflakes. Munching is a real delight to the senses.
  • Goya Cookies n’ Cream – Get a good value for a few pesos with the Goya Cookies n’ Cream chocolate. This Goya chocolate is outstanding and can be compared to international brands. White chocolate which is creamy and soft is delicious in the mouth. Letting melt on its own is such a delight. Within the white chocolate bar are bits of chocolate cookies. These cookies give more excitement to every bite for they are crunchy when chewed. These Goya chocolates are definitely worth giving as gifts.
  • Goya Almond Choco – If you love almonds with your dark chocolate, this Goya brand is the right one for you. Delicious nutty flavor and cocoa fuse to deliver a satisfying effect to the mouth. Big and whole almonds are coated with dark chocolates, these Goya variants are circular in shape and are great to pop in the mouth.
  • Goya Milk Choco – This Goya chocolate is a favorite among kids. Able to satisfy cravings for sweet, the Goya Milk Choco is rich in flavor and creaminess. This fantastic chocolate bar is white in appearance. When you try to smell it, it promises deliciousness and satisfaction just by its scent. It melts quickly in mouth too, when you want to play with it. Eating Goya chocolates is just so fun.
  • Goya Strawberry n’ Cream – The goodness of strawberry combined with rich cream and bits of cookies is just awesome! These chocolate variants are fresh to the taste and are always satisfying. Goya chocolates are good to keep at hand as desserts. The Goya Strawberry n’ Cream is one of the best and what’s even greater is that they only cost a few pesos!
  • Choco Mucho – the Rebisco food company has made a winner of a chocolate in the Choco Mucho. This Chocolate snack is made of wafer that’ so crunchy and rice crispies that’s topped with luscious caramel. After that, it is coated entirely with delicious milk chocolate. Yum, it’s so tempting. Local brands of chocolates are starting to step up and take on the competition. Aside from Goya, Rebisco is also making improvements to their chocolate brands. As proof of the goodness of their brands, Pinoys all over the country as well as those abroad keep on buying and ordering the Choco Mucho.
  • Clicx Cruncher – Yummy to the max is what people say about this chocolate. In the form of a bar, this rich flavoring chocolate just satisfies every sweet tooth craving. What’s even greater, these chocolate bars are not at all expensive. You can buy more at very low prices.
  • Snitch Chocolate Bar – Filipino chocolates are definitely getting better. The Snitch Chocolate Bar from Nissin – Monde is good a proof. This chocolate bar is really delicious with its thick vanilla nougat to form the inside. It’s soft and really good to chew. It then has tasteful chocolate cookie bits incorporated with it and as a final coating, chocolate envelope it to form a bar that’s pure delicious.
  • Chocquick – Made by Columbia foods, Chocquick proves it stands among the best kinds of chocolate bars in the land. These chocolate are flavorful. There’s no mistake about its rich cocoa flavor and the fun part is that some of its variants resemble the flavor of the Chocquick powdered drink. That’s even more delicious!
  • Cloud 9 Crunchy – From Jack n’ Jill comes another great tasting chocolate that’s captured the liking of kids and adults. The Cloud 9 Crunchy is in the form of a bar and is definitely worth snacking on. One of the best chocolates in the country, the Cloud 9 Crunchy has crispy oats incorporated with nuts and nougat. It is then coated with chocolate that’s lusciously brown.
  • Cloud 9 Berry Burst – We bet you can finish this chocolate off in 4 bites. It’s so good you’ll have the Cloud 9 Berry Burst as one of your top five Filipino chocolates. Cloud 9 Berry Burst is made of strawberry flavored nougat topped with crispies and peanuts. It is then enveloped by rich chocolate. Delicious!
  • Cloud 9 Nougat – It’s one of the best before and is still one of the best today. Cloud 9 Nougat is a classic when it comes to Philippine chocolates. It’s been around for decades due to its yumminess and affordability. Creamy and chewy nougat is topped with caramel and peanuts after which, is coated entirely with luscious chocolate.

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