Speed detergent

Speed detergent

speed detergent bareta kalamansi

Take our word for it, Speed detergent cleans stains out of your favorite garments and does it safely. Do you have shirts or jackets that need cleaning but are wary colors might fade? Are you not satisfied with the way your usual detergents clean your clothes? By all means then, try the Speed detergent on your laundry today and worry about worrying no more. The Speed detergent bar and powder is a quick way to clean your clothes so you’ll have more time for other important activities.

Speed detergent is a proud Philippine product that gains more and more customers as time passes. With its efficiency and effectiveness, even celebrities prefer this brand over imported detergents. Speed detergent is manufactured by Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation, they are a company that is specializing in the production of detergents and bleaches and have offices located all over the Philippines.

Speed Detergent comes in the following forms:


Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – White

As a traditional form of detergent, Filipinos have gotten used of the bar soap form and Speed detergent has manufactured these for the common masses’ use.

Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – Calamansi

This Speed detergent variant has great cleaning properties infused with calamansi for a better anti stain function and a smell that is so fresh.

Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – Blue high impact

Speed detergent

speed detergent bar blue hi impact

A blue colored Speed detergent bareta is now sold for a more powerful stain removal.

How to use the Speed detergent bareta:

Over wet / soaked clothes, swipe the Speed detergent bareta a few times especially over stains and rub the surfaces against each other or with a scrub. Wash and rinse well and hang to dry, that’s it.

Speed detergent Babad Powder

Powder in form, this Speed detergent is white and can be effectively used to remove dirt away. By just soaking clothes in a basin of water with dissolve Speed detergent, dirt is slowly lifted away. These are packed in sachets and are very affordable. They can be bought in singles packs in sari sari stores.

Speed detergent

Speed detergent babad

Speed detergent Powder – Calamansi

The scent of freshness can be smelled on your clothes with this Speed detergent variant. Calamansi is known for its stain removing properties and coming in as a bonus is its ever clean and fresh scent.

How to use the Speed detergent powder

In a basin, dissolve Speed detergent – powder and soak in clothes for 30 minutes, proceed with your regular way of washing scrubbing parts heavily stained. Wash soap away as you rinse and hang to dry. Speed detergent – powder can also be used in washing machines.



Speed detergent gets rid of stains

in no time

Would you believe you’d actually be saving more by using Speed detergent as compared to other brands? This is true, plus Speed detergent removes dirt quicker for it possesses better stain fighting formula, at soaking time, dirt is already being lifted off so by the time you do the actual washing, some of the work has already been done. At such competitive prices and even without bleach, whites come out as white as ever. With Speed detergent, your hands won’t even have to hurt for with just a few scrubs, dirt comes off easily plus it also provides clothes with an appealing fragrance.

More and more Filipinos are starting to realize how good Speed detergent is, what most like about it is that it gets the job done in less the time and as effectively as leading brands. With this detergent, time is maximized and results are satisfying. Try the Speed detergent on your laundry today and be surprised at the efficiency it provides.