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DRIED SALTED PONY FISH (Sap-Sap) is a miniature fish that has a sweet flavor. Yes it is salted, but the meat is relatively sweeter than most salted dried fish. It is quite a bit of a challenge to eat though as the bones are left inside of the fish, so be sure to fry them until they are very crisp and the bones will simple crack and you won’t have a hard time at figuring this one out. Just don’t burn them please.

Salted is a good addition to any rice meal. The trick is to wash your dried fish / salted fish with running water if you don’t like a very salty flavor. These salted fish can also be mixed with Mung Beans and vegetable to add a little more flavor.


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Dried and Salted Fish has been in the Filipino diet ever since salt was discovered. With the abundance of fish in the country, we have to preserve some right? And thus, the era of salted fish began.

Kidding aside, this is a must have for any Filipino feeling home sick.

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