Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet Review

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet ReviewOnline sari sari store gives this Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet  an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with a price range of $9.90. There are different packages you can enjoy, please check the image links for more.

Pancit Canton is a famous comfort food in the Philippines served usually on holidays for meals and snacks. These are also best served during Birthday parties and other special occasions. Being a favorite, several different versions of the instant noodle came. One of the best known brands to provide such an instant pancit canton is Lucky me. 

Manufacturers Product Description

Perfect for every member of the family, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy offers an exciting mix of sweet soy sauce and mild chili. Product of the Philippines. Net Weight 2.12 oz. (60 gms)

BUY Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chow Mein (Sweet and Spicy) (Pack of 10) online

This is available in Amazon online. You can order different bundles and packages of this sweet snack by following the link below.

A closer look at the Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chow Mein (Sweet and Spicy) (Pack of 10)

This is a pretty good instant noodle. This can be served in a meal, or as a snack. They go well with bread and other stuff for merienda. This is the sweet version but there are a lot more options available. This will not be a substitute for that birthday pancit canton noodles, not even close. But, if you like a quick fix that you can have within 5 minutes then this is it.

This is also a very nice food to bring during camping. The package is very easy to store in your back pack, unlike the cup noodles. This will only take a couple of minutes to prepare. You can also serve it with vegetables if you want to. The thickness of the sauce depends on how much water remains after you drain it. The instruction should be at the back of the package.

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