Mama Sitas Palabok Oriental Gravy Review

Mama Sitas Palabok Oriental Gravy Review

Online sari sari store gives Mama Sitas Palabok Oriental  an overall rating of 0 out of 10, with a price range of $10.95. Palabok is a rice noodle dish in the Philippines and the sauce is made with a hint of seafood and is intensified with some powdered shrimp. The sauce is a bit of a challenge to make, but not with this. This is a nice assistant when making the gravy for palabok as the process might take long without it.

Manufacturers Product Description

So many ways to use Mama Sita’s Palabok Mix from preparing your noodles to marinading your seafood before cooking. This Mama Sita’s Palabok has a heavy aroma of seafood and garlic makes for a great sauce or marinade so make Mama Sita’s Palabok another part of your cooking experience.

  • Not just for Noodles !!
  • Heavy Aroma of Seafood and Garlic
  • Authentic Flavors
  • Dry Seasoning Mix
  • Great for Noodles and Marinade


BUY Mama Sita’s Palabok Oriental Gravy Mix 2oz (Pack of 3) online

There are different packages you can enjoy, please check the image links for more. This product from Mama Sita’s is a favorite in the Philippines. This is a part of the many comfort food you can surely be proud of. Mama Sita’s creates a lot of flavors, contemporary to that of the Philippines. If you want to have the nice flavors with less effort, please try this product and others reviewed here are Online sari sari store.

A closer look at the Mama Sitas Palabok Oriental Gravy Mix 2oz (Pack of 3)

Mama Sitas Palabok Oriental is a nice instant ingredient in making Palabok. This makes the whole process easier than usual. You also get to have the authentic taste of seafood for the sauce.

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