Purefoods Deli Beef Franks with Angus

Purefoods Deli Beef Franks with Angus is now available at grocery stores. If you like premium Beef Franks but the European imports just seem too expensive then you may want to try this one. The Angus Beef Franks of Purefoods taste definitely premium. These are supersized to meet the requirements of their European counter parts. These come in a pack of 6. This is good for a family’s meal.

Purefoods Deli Beef Franks with Angus

These are also even better with barbecue. This also goes very well with pasta. You can substitute this the good old hotdog in the spaghetti. The Beef frank brings in more flavor than just your average hotdog. This is because of the premium flavors in the packet of frank. You can substitute this to any cuisine where you use hotdogs. You can also add this to any pork giniling, afritada, menudo and just about any tomato Based Recipe.

Purefoods Deli Beef Franks with Angus Cost: Php 165.00

The cost for a one pack is not as expensive as you think, at only Php 165.00.

We put this on meaty pasta to add a beefy flavor. The best thing is to bring this to your breakfast table – just like how we Filipinos love our hotdogs in the morning. The flavor is thick and so is the meat. I think you get to put incisions on the Purefoods Deli Beef Franks with Angus to make sure you get the heat in. This is a pretty juicy piece of processed meat, so overcooking it is ok. Fried is the way to do it, but if you have an oven, then its also nice to do it that way.

Of course these franks go well with bread. Add TLC – tomato, lettuce and cheese, some mustard, catsup, add more chillies, add more onions and ┬ámaybe some bacon. If you could add some more flavors is fine. But be sure to have premium franks to make the most of the flavor.

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