Excellent Pancit Bihon

excellent pancit bihonWhat is a Filipino celebration without pancit? Birthdays, weddings, Christmases and all other occasions feel more complete when this Filipino dish is served on the table. Pancit bihon or any type of pancit is prepared with long noodles to represent the wish of long life and prosperity. Do you remember grandparents telling us when we were kids to eat our pancit bihon so we would grow up and reach the age they are then? Those were great times weren’t they?

Among the Filipino variety of noodles, Pancit bihon is a favorite because it is very easy to cook plus does not cost too much to prepare. The ingredients are easy to find too and are quite nutritious. Filipinos all over the world love pancit bihon. To them it is more than just food, it is part of tradition, custom and culture.



Why Excellent Pancit Bihon is the perfect brand of pancit bihon

Excellent Pancit Bihon brand review


It may seem that all pancit bihon or rice sticks as some call it are all alike. Their colors may be the same, their lengths may be the same and their cooking procedures could be the same, but one thing that separates Excellent Pancit Bihon from the rest of the brands is its quality. To pancit bihon lovers, the firmness of the noodles matters as they want the noodles not breaking too easily. To a Filipino, eating long strands of noodles invites longevity and this is what Excellent Pancit Bihon provides – long strands of pancit bihon that are firm and do not break easily when cooked.


Another good thing about this brand is that it is perfect for any pancit recipe. It absorbs flavors better so chewing is definitely more pleasurable. If you’re trying out a Filipino pancit recipe, you may want to use this brand for as its name implies, it is excellent.

This brand is one of the best Filipino products sold internationally and you can buy it at inexpensive prices.


Excellent Pancit Bihon Description


pancit bihon

pancit bihon

Pancit bihon is a great Filipino dish that goes well with lumpia (Fried spring rolls). The Excellent Pancit Bihon is a great brand of noodles. They are bright white in appearance and its long noodles are preferred by many Filipinos. When uncooked, the noodles are hard but softens and cooks easily. Unlike other brands of bihon, this does not break easily when in the process of cooking. You can enjoy long strands of noodles which are flavorful for it easily absorbs flavors from the chicken stock, soy sauce, the onions and garlic.

Are you interested in a Filipino Pancit Recipe? You can follow this at home for cooking is so easy.


Filipino Pancit Recipe/ Pancit Bihon


8 oz. pack pancit bihon noodles

1 boiled chicken breast, shredded or flaked thinly (Pork can also be used, slice in small cube sizes)

2 cups of chicken broth or 2 cups of water

1 medium sized carrot, sliced into strips (sometimes for aesthetic purposes, the carrot is cut and designed with shapes)

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1/2 cups celery, diced

3 tablespoons of soy sauce

1/4 cabbage, sliced into thin strips

1 large onion, sliced

3 cloves of garlic, pounded and minced

1/3 cup scallions which are cut into pieces

Salt and pepper (adjust amounts according to your taste)

calamansi or a lemon that is sliced into small squeezable sizes




In a deep container, soak the pancit bihon noodles for 8-10 minutes until it becomes a bit soft

In a separate large pan, heat the oil and sauté the garlic and onions

Add in the chicken broth, the shredded chicken meat and all the vegies and stir until cooked.

Put in the pancit bihon noodles and add soy sauce

Cook for 5 minutes with constant stirring until the noodles are soft.

Dash the pancit bihon with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot with sliced calamansi or lemons on a separate saucer.



Note regarding the calamansi / lemon: It is optional to add calamansi. To Filipinos however, this makes the pancit bihon more delicious.

Calamansi or lemon is squeezed into the pancit bihon before eating.


Try these other variations to the bihon pancit recipe

With the same cooking procedure, the pancit bihon recipe can be upgraded to suit our own personal taste:

1. Bihon Pancit recipe with fish balls / chicken balls – When short of meat, simpler ingredients which are as tasty can be used. Fish balls and chicken balls which are sold in markets can substitute, they are way cheaper plus taste really good. Hard boiled eggs sliced thinly can also be place on top of your pancit bihon. It will add plus points to your noodles’ presentation as well as nutrient values.

2. Bihon Pancit recipe with cauliflower and broccoli – Health buffs usually add more kinds of vegetables to their pancit bihon and these are perfect. Peas and Baguio beans are options that work well too.

3. Bihon Pancit recipe with sardines in tomato sauce – Using the usual way of cooking, add sardines instead of meat. Balance the taste of the tomato sauce that comes with the sardines.

4. Bihon Pancit recipe with zucchini – Pancit bihon can be cooked with soup too. Instead of putting all the said vegetables, try preparing zucchini sliced thinly into pancit bihon that has has more water. In this case, wait for the noodles to become really soft before serving in bowls.

5. Bihon Pancit recipe with canton noodles and prawns – Following the usual procedure of cooking, add a small amount of pancit canton noodles in the mixture. Throw in some prawns instead of meat for seafood tasting pancit bihon.


Pancit Bihon is commonly known as rice sticks or rice vermicelli. They are made from rice thus the name. Many Asian countries enjoy this kind of noodles because it’s easy to prepare and can be added with ingredients of one’s own choice.


Excellent Pancit Bihon is a product of the Philippines manufactured by Jeverps Manufacturing Company. Their office is located at Km. 16 West Service Rd., SSH Paranaque City, Metro Manila. For easier purchase of Excellent Pancit Bihon, order here.

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