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Lucky Me Noodles

Lucky Me Noodles - Cup Sotanghon Chicken Noodles

Lucky Me Is one of the best known noodle brands. They come up with new ideas to provide the best instant noodle treats for everyone. This post will cover most of their new products that continue to expand.  Lucky Me noodles continues to provide variety for their customers.


We naturally like Lucky Me noodles – they provide good tasting instant noodles. The far supremacy of their brand includes natural ingredients which are fortified with nutrients to help make them more enjoyable.


We have already had a feature of their best buy products: Lucky me Pancit Canton so we won’t be including that one here. What we would like to share to you is their dynamic product range in noodles. You may want to try these out.


These are some Lucky Me Noodles special products:


Lucky Me Cup Noodles  – La Paz Batchoy and Bulalo

Lucky Me cup noodles have the spunk in terms of flavor. Readily available to eat, this is a “just add hot water package”. Included flavors are La Paz Batchoy, Chicken Sotanghon, Supreme Sotanghon and Supreme Bulalo.


Although these instant cup noodles are slightly more expensive, the “no cook” package allows for the real instant sensation. This is best for office quick breaks and for people on the go. Please refer to the links below for your reference on these products.


Lucky me Instant Sotanghon

Sotanghon used to be a just another noodle favorite dish – but not with the Lucky Me Noodle brand. Lucky Me noodles provided an instant package for this noodle. Sotanghon lovers need not spend more time preparing this hard noodle. No need to spend an hour preparing. Try Lucky Me Noodles instant Sotanghon Chicken. This requires some cooking of about 5 minutes, but that’s it.

Lucky Me Pancit Bihon Noodles

Bihon, another favorite during special occasions and a top priority for whatever feast, Lucky me made a way to serve this instant. Bihon is usually served with calamansi / lemon to get that sting in the flavor. This is best shared with friends when they come over.

Lucky Me Lomi Noodles

Lomi is a special noodle recipe. Thick noodles are stir fired with vegetables and seafood / meat. The original Lomi should have a thick soup base with a lot of other ingredients making them a favorite for afternoon snacks, served best with bread. This is another off the rack noodles that can be bought in the Philippines easily from restaurants and fast food. Lucky Me noodles also have their own version of this favorite. They didn’t miss the thick soup which was the main attraction for this noodle.


Lucky Me Instant Bulalo Noodles

Bulalo is a special Filipino comfort food. This is beef bone, marrow and meat, softened with the best herbs and spices. This soup is considered a delicacy. With fresh ingredients and beef powered soup – this will make you sweat. Lucky me noodles did not pass on this. They efficiently transferred the flavor of the Bulalo to their flavors, with real beef flavor.




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