Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi Review

Lucky Me Instant Pancit Chilimansi Review

Online sari sari store gives Lucky Me Instant Pancit Chilimansi an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with a price range of $10.20. This is a nice flavor of the Lucky me brand. The chillimansi, which translate to having calamansi, a small variety of lemon to the hot chili flavor. This is the There are different packages you can enjoy, please check the image links for more.

This is a nice product from Lucky Me – try to explore more noodles here at online sari sari so you get to have a complete scope of your options.

Manufacturers Product Description

This is the lucky me chilimansi flavor. Please bear in mind that this is the chillimansi flavor and should be a little tangy and hot. If you are not a fan of hot flavors, I guess you better back down. This is perfect to eat with an ice cold drink or with bread.

This is actually a pack of only 60g. If you continue to store some of this in you stash, you may want to get a big refill. This is a nice instant food you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. The instruction are very easy.

  • Serving: 1
  • Service size 1 pack (60g)

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A closer look at the Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi Pack of 12

These Noodles are pleasantly seasoned  and that additional hot flavor gives it an additional kick. The added heat is alright, does not change or over power the flavor. The arrangements are simple just include the noodles in bubbling hot water and drain. Include the flavorings and blend well – then you are finished. These are little bundles so you can include more packs, as much as you can in the event that you are having a bit of an appetite.

The noodles can be cooked  in around 2 minutes in hot bubbling water. You can spare some water while draining on the off chance that you want a more saucy noodle. There are 3 flavorings and you truly need to blend them all to get the flavor.

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