Pancit Canton: A Favorite Noodle Dish

The Filipino Pancit Canton

pancit canton

pancit canton



Pancit Canton is one of the many favorite Filipino noodle dishes out there. There is something unique about the pancit canton. This is a free for all noodle dishes which some may include hotdogs, tempura, fish balls, pork and beef. There are also a bunch of veggies to choose from. The favorites are carrots and cabbage.


Often, people include new idea in the pancit canton. There are new ingredients. This dish always evolves in that people always crave to have uniqueness in this dish. Each one wants to give a new rendition.


Instant Pancit Canton

One interesting fact about the pancit canton is that instants have been booming and selling like pancakes. There absolutely no stopping the top brands like Lucky Me on selling. Flavors are getting more specific and specialized. These developments led to the fortification of the instant noodles. Even preservatives are removed. This gets better every year.


Pancit Canton is a gift from the Chinese

The Chinese originally gave Filipinos a first taste of noodles – Pancit! This may be one of the most amazing contributions of the Chinese to the Filipino culture. Every feast needs to have pancit canton. Pancit canton is known to be an extender. This saves up a lot of money during birthday celebrations and parties. Noodles are cheap and thus create another good menu.


The Chinese explain that noodles symbolize longevity. Eat more noodles and you’ll live longer – this superstitious belief may have pounded deep through the mind. This is the reason why we all crave for noodles.


The preparations for pancit canton are pretty basic. Saute Onion and Garlic, add meat and other niceties, pour in some water. Add salt, fish sauce, soy sauce to taste, pour in the noodles and vegetables and you are set. Every mom knows how this works. What’s important is lemon – squeeze some in and have fun eating!


Buy Pancit Canton online

You can now buy pancit canton online. offers a lot of varieties in terms of the original noodles and the instants. If you are looking for a quick snack or a feast saver. Click Here: Pancit Canton



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