Cobra Energy Drink

Introduced in 2006, the Cobra Energy Drink has then become a very well-liked drink by sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, laborers, construction workers and just about any one who has to carry out a tiring and rigorous endeavor. Cobra Energy Drink, a product of Asia Brewery is the most popular energy drink in the Philippines today.

The Cobra Energy Drink knows just what active people and hard workers need. It is that extra boost when bodies and minds are tired from all the strenuous activity. Cobra Energy Drinks can invigorate the person to finish the tasks he has at hand.


A Review of the Cobra Energy Drink

Face life’s challenges, true strength comes from within, summon all your courage and you shall emerge victorious… and of course a bottle of Cobra Energy Drink would be very helpful. These are not just lines from the Cobra Energy Drink ads; they can prove to be true.

Cobra Energy Drinks invigorate a person by bringing out kept energy stored in the body. This is what B vitamins do. Many workers who do a lot of lifting and carrying prefer the Cobra Energy Drink because they experience a real boost and are able to perform better at work.

Drivers also choose the Cobra Energy Drink because it is more effective in keeping their senses keen and focused. At night when taxi and truck drivers have to stay awake, Cobra Energy Drinks are most helpful. The caffeine in each Cobra drink will help the driver be mentally alert.

Cobra Energy Drinks have lots of supporters due to its effectiveness. It kicks in much quicker as compared to other energy drinks. Consumers report a real effect in alertness and vigor.

Cobra Energy Drinks are very affordable. Drivers, ordinary workers and college students prefer this energy drink because of its reasonable price.


Cobra Energy Drinks are the most widely distributed and most available energy drinks in the country.



Cobra Energy Drinks are available in:                        240 mL flint bottles

Cobra Energy Drinks are available in:                        350 mL PET bottles


** When to drink Cobra Energy Beverages:

Have a Cobra Energy Drink 30 minutes before a strenuous activity. Effectiveness of the energy drink is felt at this time.

Drink a bottle of Cobra after a tiring activity. Rest and enjoy its delicious flavor, Cobra will help you find that extra energy to continue with your work.


Cobra Energy Drink Nutrient Count


Calories 195                                        Vitamin B1 1.35mg
Total Fat 39                                         Vitamin B6 1.35mg
Sodium 49 mg                                      niacinamide 0.7 mg
Sugar 39g                                            vitamin B12
Protein 3g                                            taurine 105mg
inositol 16mg

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