Medicol advance

medicol advance

Why put up with head ache, joint pains other body aches when you can stop it with the good old Medicol advance. Relieve the pain you feel from rheumatism, arthritis and inflammation with this trusted pain reliever so you can go on with your daily activities. Are you having toothache and cannot concentrate with so much pain? Are you having muscle pains due to that collision in your most recent basketball game? Let the Medicol advance help you manage those pains so you can focus on your tasks as well as find a remedy to start immediate healing.

Medicol Advance is an over the counter drug popular in the Philippines. It is normally taken in by people suffering from toothaches, muscle pain and fever. Pain is a normal response felt by the body when there is something wrong with it. Wounds, bruises, and inflammation are just some of the causes of pain and these are felt by the body’s receptors. When there’s pain, the person who feels it must immediately find a cure for what’s causing it but for the meantime, taking the Medicol Advance would be an ideal drug to relieve pain and make things more comfortable as the body heals. The Medicol Advance is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug that comes in a clear red solution and enclosed by a capsule which is gel like and transparent in appearance. Taken orally with water, the Medicol Advance changes the chemicals in the body that’s associated with feeling pain, safely, it reduces how the body senses pain and at the same time decreases swelling and lowers body temperature during fevers.


Medicol Advance indications

Pain can be sudden and just vanish in few minutes but when it lasts a bit longer and ruins your day, maybe it’s time for the Medicol Advance to make the pain go away. Use the Medicol Advance in times of:

headaches, toothache, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, backache, slight aches and pain associated with common colds, menstrual cramps and fever


Medicol Advance dosage:

1 capsule of Medicol Advance (200 mg) is used alleviate pain for four to six hour with the maximum dose of 6 soft gel capsules a day and is only to be taken as needed.


*** Please note that Medicol Advance is not ideally taken in times where signs and symptoms of dengue fever and other diseases which include bleeding are present.

Check out more information regarding Medicol advance at MIMS Philippines


Manage and relieve those pains with the Medicol Advance

The Medicol Advance is a fast relief to pains and is very easy to purchase. At just a few pesos, they are available in drug stores and do not need prescriptions. The Medicol Advance is safe to use on body aches and very effective to lower temperatures caused by simple fevers as well as decrease swelling due to trauma. This is a very ideal pain reliever when muscle pains caused by bumps and falls are experienced. Its liquid form is absorbed rapidly through the digestive system offering a quick relief. It also acts fast to relieve arthritis pains that affect the joints; most people prefer this brand for its effectiveness.

The Medicol Advance as a product is terrific for it covers and relieves a lot of pains but should be noted that consultation with physicians is still the best way to know if the Medicol advance suits you.