Ascof lagundi cough medicine

Ascof is a trusted and proven over the counter medicine used to treat cough due to common colds and flu. Ascof is manufactured by Pascual Laboratories, Inc., a company that for more than 60 years now continues to provide its clients greater access to better healthcare by providing quality medicine.


Ascof Lagundi: Nature’s Treatment for Respiratory Problems

The Department of Health endorses the plant Lagundi as a useful natural remedy with verified therapeutic effects. Tested and researched by the Department of Science and Technology, Lagundi has the properties to treat cough, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis and chronic bronchitis. Inspired by nature to treat respiratory problems without harmful side effects, Ascof was produced with the goal of keeping people healthy naturally. Ascof Lagundi is made from 100% Lagundi leaves grown in organic farms in the Philippines.


A Review of Ascof Lagundi

Most Mothers Choose Ascof

Mothers want the safest and best kind of treatment for their family. In this time where chemicals are always used and incorporated with drugs, side effects and long term results can be more dangerous and must be avoided. Ascof Lagundi since made from herbs which are proven safe pose no danger or any side effect.

Mothers and their families prefer Ascof Lagundi because it tastes better than other medicine. Ascof Lagundi comes in strawberry and ponkan flavors.

Ascof, besides being effective and safe is much more affordable than the leading brands.

Ascof Lagundi is as effective as chemical based cough medicine with many variations including sugar free syrups for diabetics.


ascof lagundi

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Ascof Lagundi opens up bronchial tubes thus making breathing easier.

Ascof also thins mucus making it easier to cough out.

Ascof lagundi has anti histamine properties that lessen inflammation of air passages.




Ascof Lagundi is available in tablet form –    300mg and 600mg

Ascof is also available in syrup form –            300mg/5ml and 600ml / 5ml and

Ascof Lagundi in capsule form-                      600mg Capsule


Ascof Information



Relief of cough due to common colds & flu. Treatment of bronchospasm in acute bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis & other bronchopulmonary disorders. Relief of reversible, mild to moderate bronchospasm (prophylactic/maintenance medication) in adults & childn w/ obstructive airway disease.


Tab/Forte tab Adult 300-600mg 3times a day – 4 times a day

Childn 7-12 yr 300 mg 3times a day – 4 times a day

Syrup Adult 300-600 mg (5-10 mL) 1-2 tsp 3times a day – 4 times a day

Children 15mg/kg/dose 3times a day, >40 kg 2 tsp 3times a day,

6-12 yr (20-40 kg) 1½ tsp 3times a day,

4-6 yr (15.5-20 kg) 1 tsp 3times a day,

2-4 yr (10-15.5 kg) ½ tsp 3times a day.



May be taken with or without food (Take before or after meals)

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