Slenda Slimming Dietary Supplement


Get some help with your efforts of slimming down with Slenda. Slenda is the Philippines’ premier dietary herbal supplement made from all natural, safe and effective ingredients capable of helping you reduce and maintain an ideal weight. How is your diet practice today? Are you frustrated with how slow or ineffective it is? Try adding Slenda to your regimen and be surprised of its wondrous results.

Slenda is a dietary herbal supplement that contains Resveratrol, Green tea extract, Banaba and Turmeric. These components come from plants and are proven safe and effective in controlling the accumulation of fat in the body. Coming in capsule form, Slenda is taken in as a dietary supplement aimed to reduce weight. These capsules work by helping the body metabolize food faster and burn calories quicker at a way that does not trouble your bowel movements so suddenly. Using Slenda, one can effectively shed off unwanted weight safely and effectively.

Slenda is most effective when used correctly with regular exercise and a healthy eating pattern.

How is Slenda supposed to be used?

Slenda is in capsule form and should be taken with water once, three times a day. Take in Slenda 10 minutes before a regular meal for it to be more effective.

Slenda Ingredients

1. Resveratrol

In Slenda, resveratrol functions as a blocker to fat accumulation. It is a natural phenol found in plants most commonly in grapes. In a Korean study, resveratrol proved to aid in body building, thus remains an important ingredient in their own dietary supplements. In the Endocrine Society’s 90th annual meeting in 2008, German researchers indicated that resveratrol inhibited fat cells from accumulating, cells themselves lost some of their ability to store fat. Aside from helping to shape the body, resveratrol also functions to lower blood sugar and has anti viral effects. Slenda has made use of these dietary benefits to lower the body’s fat accumulation.

2. Green tea extract

Slenda makes use of green tea extract to help increase metabolic rate. Coming from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, green tea extract also helps the body in flushing out toxins. Green tea extract increases the metabolic rate to produce weight loss by thermogenesis. Through this bodily function, stimulation of fat oxidation and the boosting of the metabolic rate of 4% without increasing the heart rate is achieved. There are numerous studies published in books and the net all proving the beneficial properties of green tea extract, this with the other Slenda components work harmoniously in improving metabolism for a slimmer you.

3. Banaba

Slenda uses banaba as an ingredient to prevent weight gain. Banaba is one of the Philippines’ Department of Health approved herbal plants that posses numerous health benefits. According to numerous researches, banaba helps in moderating blood sugar levels thus maintaining a good balance in metabolism and preventing accumulation of fats. Slenda uses this DOH approved herb to increase its potency in bettering metabolism.

4. Turmeric

Slenda uses turmeric as a fat suppressant. Commonly used for cooking, turmeric has an effect that triggers thermogenisis (in this body process, fat is burned). In the article Turmeric and Weight Loss in the site, it was said that turmeric may have significant effects in lowering fats in the blood stream as well as regulating weight gain.

How does Slenda help you reduce fat?

Slenda Review

Wouldn’t it be just great to show off a lean and sculpted body? In today’s world where beauty lies on the figure, being slim and fit and is the new description to being attractive or sexy and with this, Slenda can help you achieve it safely and effectively.

One of the best things that make Slenda a great product is that it is all natural and safe. Slenda makes use of herbal ingredients studied and deemed to possess fat reducing properties. Through improving metabolism, the body gets rid of fat now and prevents it from accumulating. There are many dietary supplements in the market today but most of those induce uncomfortable and sudden bowel elimination. That can be very uncomfortable and messy and we all do not like that, with Slenda one can manage his own weight comfortably and easily.

At 12 pesos a capsule, Slenda is a great buy. It is very affordable and beneficial to the health. Actresses in the Philippines (Valerie Concepcion & Isabelle Daza) as well as countless others testify to the effectiveness of Slenda, they all praise this dietary supplement for there were clear results. With Slenda, your routines of exercise and diet will show significant outcomes, just look at Isabelle and Valerie’s sexy physiques, they are just to envy.

Slenda Package

Natural Quality Corp., Slenda’s manufacturer has passed the standards set by the Bureau of Food and Drugs. It is also registered with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and has an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. Slenda is a safe way to shed those unwanted flabs, with Slenda you can fit right back to those old jeans you’ve been keeping.

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