C-Lium Fibre

C-Lium Fibre is a food supplement manufactured and distributed by Pascual Laboratories in the Philippines. C-Lium Fibre is in capsule and powder form mixed in liquid to be drunk. It is a food supplement acting to improve digestion as well as circulation.


C-Lium Fibre aiming to improve overall health employs all natural ingredients and methods. Psyllium, being the main component, comes from plants and acts as a dietary fiber capable of reducing cholesterol in the body and improving bowel movement.


C-lium Fibre absorbs water then combines with digestive food stuff easing movement in the intestines. Proven by studies in the USA state that psyllium is an effective treatment of mild degrees of increased cholesterol in the body.



A review of C-Lium Fibre / Psyllium Fiber


C-Lium Fibre is a good supplement to help digestive and circulation processes in the body. It aids effectively in easing passage of stool. Since it is all natural, adverse reactions are very rare and more benefits are experienced.

C-Lium Fibre can be mixed with your favorite juice drink or other beverages as long as it is at room temperature. C-Lium Fibre is a mild laxative and will not cause you comfort problems. Unlike other products that cause diarrhea like symptoms, C-lium Fibre can be compared to the effects of oatmeal, it’s completely safe and will not disrupt your bowel routine.

C-Lium Fibre is found out that when taken minutes before meals, slows down the absorption of sugar from food. This is good news for diabetics. Psyllium fiber in this food supplement absorbs bad cholesterol therefore helping you improve your heart’s health. Filipinos are now enjoying C-lium Fibre benefits at prices that are so reasonable.


The C-Lium Fibre Product Description and Doses


C-Lium Fibre Powder


C-Lium Fibre is available in Powder form mixed with drinks of your choice.



Mix one sachet of C-Lium or a tablespoon of it into half a glass of water or your preferred beverage (juice, cereal drink, etc as long as it’s cold). Take once a day ideally in the morning. For maximum fat absorption benefit take 30 minutes before meals.


*** Mix C-Lium Fibre only with cold drinks. Avoid mixing with hot drinks.

*** Consume prepared C-Lium drinks immediately, do not drink if left aside for a very long time. Drink an extra glass of water right after. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

*** Avoid taking immediately before bed.


C-Lium FIbre Capsule



Take 5 capsules of C-Lium twice a day with liquid. Drink an extra glass of fluid right after.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. For best results take a total of 10 capsules daily.

Regular daily intake recommended.


Indications:    Promotes healthy digestive system. Helps lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels & reduce body weight.


C-Lium Fiber Nutrition Facts:           capsule form

Serving Size     10 capsules

Servings per pack        5

Amount per serving

Calories           20        Calories from fat        0

                                    Per 5g              per100g           %daily value

Dietary Fiber             5g                    88.4g               16%

Total Carbs                4.9%                88.1g               16%

Total Fat                     0g                    0.2g

Protein                         0g                    1g

Cholesterol                 0g                    0g

Percent daily values based on 2000 calorie diet


Experience the health benefits of psyllium fiber with C-Lium. Psyllium is all natural and an all healthy plant product.