Ceelin vitamin C

Celine Vitamn C

Ceelin Ascorbic acid

Don’t let the rainy seasons and cold weather get you down, boost your immune system with Ceelin Vitamin C and cheer up all the way through bad weather. Did you know vitamin C not only fights infections and diseases but it also helps in keeping a brighter positive mood? That is correct. Ceelin vitamin C as all ascorbic acid prevent depression as it does scurvy, bad skin, bleeding gums and oxidative stress.

Ceelin vitamin C provides the body with ascorbate needed for maintaining good health, inside and out. With the rainy season upon us, diseases are a hassle and gets in the way of performing at your best. To prevent this, you must strengthen your immune system to fight infection causing organisms and in this battle, Ceelin vitamin C is a very good ally and weapon.

Ceelin is also often times confused as Celine Vitamin C. It may be a misspelling of the brand. You will not find any Celine Vitamin C brand in the market and you should be buying Celine.


How and when is Ceelin vitamin C taken?

Ceelin Vitamin C are taken orally and come in the forms of tablets and pastilles. If prescribed by a doctor, take Ceelin vitamin C as ordered.

**In the United States, vitamin C is prescribed usually at 75 mg per day for women and 90 mg for men, but with higher doses for those who smoke, are pregnant and breastfeeding.


Available compositions and dosage of Ceelin vitamin C

Ceelin Vitamin C Pastilles- Oral- 75 mg

Ceelin Vitamin C Tablets- Chewable Oral- 500 mg

Ceelin Vitamin C Tablets- Oral- 500 mg


Ceelin Vitamin C Indications / Use

Ceelin Vitamin C is used as treatment and prevention of lack of vitamin C in the body. As a result of low Vitamin C, the body may be susceptible to scurvy. Scurvy is a disease characterized by brown spots on the skin, soft and bleeding gums, pale in color and even depressed in behavior.


Other important uses of Ceelin Vitamin C

Ceelin Vitamin C can be of great help to the body. For starters, Ceelin vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.

Ceelin vitamin C has anti histamine effects which help stop runny noses and watery eyes.

Ceelin vitamin C can help in the maintenance of good skin, teeth, cartilage, blood vessels and promotes proper bone growth.

Ceelin vitamin C promotes stronger immune systems and helps the cardiovascular system maintain integrity.


Give your body systems a boost with the Ceelin vitamin C

In the Philippines there is a saying that says, “It is very difficult and expensive to be sick”, and is answered by another Filipino pun which says therefore: “bawal magkasakit” or “It is prohibited to get sick”. In today’s stressful and changing times, it is very critical to maintain our health and it can be gladdening to know that Ceelin vitamin C serves as partner in doing this task. There are of course many brands of vitamin C out there today but Ceelin vitamin C is one that proves to be worth all the expenditure. This brand of ascorbic acid is most effective as evidenced by the thousands of people leaving reviews in the internet. Many have confessed taking this brand of ascorbic acid for years and did not in any way feel adverse effects, in fact they felt a complete improvement in their skin, gums and overall well being.  At such a reasonable price, one can stack packets or even boxes of Ceelin vitamin C for future use.


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