The liver is such an important organ in the body. In this time when people like to drink too much and take in unhealthy food, the liver can suffer and may ultimately lead to more serious problems. Fortunately, there’s Liveraide, a food supplement made of herbs, manufactured in the Philippines. Liveriade has become a well known food supplement because of its health benefits.


Liveraide is in capsule form and can be bought in drugstores and supermarkets. Since being a natural herb in origin, Liveraide is safe and does not need a prescription from a doctor. Liveraide contains Silymarin, a powerful substance from the Milk Thistle plant. It is extracted from this plant and made as the main ingredient for Liveraide.


Liveraide is manufactured by Herbs and Nature Corporation, a company that produces and distributes food suppliments and soaps made of all natural and healthy material.



A review of Liveraide Silymarin

Filipinos here and abroad are purchasing Liveraide Silymarin as part of their being health conscious. Health supplements do a lot for the well being of the body especially when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle – meaning no smoking, reduced alcohol drinking, limited fatty food intake and lots of exercise.


Proven scientific tests show that Silymarin helps to treat different kinds of liver diseases including Hepatitis, Psoriasis and Cirrhosis. Liveraide, whose main component is Silymarin protects the liver by keeping the outer membranes of liver cells healthy, thus preventing toxins from entering. Silymarin also acts to help regenerate and repair liver cells.


If you value a more natural approach in keeping health, then Liveraide is just one of the supplements you need. Liveraide is rich with antioxidants, a component that prevents cell destruction. Liveraide also helps flush away toxins that may damage cells in different organs of the body. Liveraide consumers testify in TV ads, printed media and the internet that indeed their health has become better since integrating it with their diet.


            How does Liveraide Silymarin protect the liver?


  • It acts as a detox helping the liver break down and flush out alcohol.
  • It helps digest fats resulting to a lower cholesterol level
  • It prevents other impurities from accumulating in the liver



Liveraide Ingredients:

Each capsule contains 125mg of pure Milk Thistle extract, Lecithin, Bees wax and Capsule-Gelatin


Recommended use for adults is one capsule, three times a day – Liveraide Silimaryn is NOT a substitute to any medical treatment. 

Liveraide should be taken with food. (Or take after meals)