What is Efficascent Oil?

What is Efficascent Oil?

Efficascent Oil

If you are not from the Philippines, you would not what is efficascent oil. Well, this is a household favorite here in the Philippines. It is an ointment/liniment that dads and grand dads love to spread on their aching bodies after a long day of work.


What is Efficascent oil?

Efficascent oil is a liniment that relieves pain. It has a menthol feel with a stronger aroma. It has been around for 50 years – and has survived the test of time. It is packaged in “old school” bottle that have a narrow opening. This is done so to protect from over spilling. A tiny bit of this liniment may be too much for non-permanent users. It offers a hot sensation that prevails for about an hour.


Efficascent oil is Methyl Salicylate Camphor + Menthol. Everybody loves menthol. It’s all over the place. It offers the same sensation like a menthol candy on your tongue. Imagine a menthol candy’s power 50 times stronger and gives the sensation on your skin. Soothing right?


Efficascent oil claims these on their website:

  1. Instant Relief
  2. Home Remedy
  3. Touch Therapy
  4. Relaxation

We believe in that. They wouldn’t have lasted 50 years if it wasn’t working. This is how the manufacturer defines their product’s uses:

“A liniment preparation specially formulated for fast relief of back and muscular pains from overwork, cramps, rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis, stiff neck, headache, gas pain, insect bites, minor burns and bruises, sprains and skin irritations” – from: http://www.efficascent.com/legacy/


What is Efficascent oil? – It is a liniment that pretty much handles it all for first aid.


One more interesting thing about Efficascent oil: It’s Green!


Efficascent oil’s History

Efficascent oil was heavily favored in the era of witch doctors and urban legends about what the real cure is. In this decade where science and common belief was merging, the answer to cure that can be felt was born: Efficascent oil!

When International Pharmaceutical was founded in 1959, they only one product: Efficascent oil. This is the bearer of their brand, the sole product at that time. Now they have more researched products and like alcohol, bath soaps etc. But, they wouldn’t have thought that their first product would still be the leader of the pack. They are the same company that produced Omega pain killer.

Efficascent oil still maintains its lead as the trusted brand. A simple bottling package was not changed up until now. This is a classic product that provided relief.

Beware: there are products today that offer the same packaging with a slightly different name, check out the label and make sure you buy the original.


What Efficascent oil is made of?


These are the active ingredients for Efficascent oil: Camphor 4%, Menthol 1.45%, Methyl Salicylate 18.35%. Camphor is considered as a topical analgesic while methyl salicylate is a counter irritant. Both chemicals provide for the soothing effect of the liniment.


Buy Efficascent Oil Online!

Efficascent Oil is available online. You can buy this at amazon.com – and can be shipped for two days. Please click the figure if you are buying online.



You would probably learn much from the label Luckily, another site has them. Please check them out here:http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/drugInfo.cfm?id=28027

Or you can check out the figure below and the added notes on the bottom.

Efficascent Oil

Efficascent Oil - The Famous Liniment


Efficascent Oil

What is Efficascent Oil


These are the notes for the Efficascent Oil, as written on their package:

For external use only. Avoid Contact with the eyes. If condition worsens, or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days, discontinue use for this product and consult a doctor. When used for arthritis, if pain persists for more than 10 days, or redness is present, or in conditions affecting children under 12 years of age, consult a physician immediately. Do Not Use Use otherwise than as directed apply to wounds or damaged skin bandage tightly Stop use and ask a doctor if Redness is present Excessive irritation of the skin develops Keep out of Reach of Children.

If swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Center right away.


Adults and children 3 years of age and older:

apply to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.

Children under 3 years of age: Consult a physician. D and C Green No. 6, D and C Yellow No.11, Eucalyptus Oil, Light Mineral Oil, Turpentine Oil. Other Information Store at 15 to 30 celsius (59 to 86 fahrenheit) For your protection, this bottle is provided with a pilfer proof cap imprinted with the IPI logo in red. Do not use if cap has been tampered with or is broken or destroyed. www.ipi-phil.com Manufactured By International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines Net 3.38 fl oz (100 ML) DRHR – 247 Batch No. Date Mfg. Exp Date For your protection, this bottle is provided with a pilfer proof cap imprinted with the IPI logo in Red.

Do not use if cap has been tampered with or is broken or destroyed. Genuine

Efficascent Oil The Famous Liniment Pain Relieving Oil

The product is packaged in an outer box. Please see outer box for drug facts. This unit not labeled for retail sale.

For external use only Net 3.38 fl oz (100 ML)

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