Unique toothpaste

Unique toothpaste

If you’re trying to find the best care for your teeth, you might want to switch to Unique toothpaste today. Flashing sets of pearly white teeth can make the difference in making friends and meeting a special someone so be sure to keep your teeth white and clean. Have you ever experienced talking to someone cute but turns out he or she has bad breath? Oh that’s just a turn off isn’t it? It’s so embarrassing and we all do not want that to happen. Brushing the teeth is a good way to prevent bad breath and Unique toothpaste is just the brand to use. The Unique toothpaste works in keeping the teeth white and clean at the same time prevents bacteria from multiplying for several hours.

Unique toothpaste is a Philippine product made by ACS manufacturing. It’s known to create top quality personal care products and Unique toothpaste is definitely one of the best. Proven to be safe, effective and affordable, the Unique toothpaste serves the Filipinos to achieve a winsome smile and fresh breath. Unique toothpaste is approved by the Philippine Dental Association and is recommended by dentists as well as celebrities who have experienced its two fluoride and calcium results.


The Unique toothpaste has several varieties to suit your needs:

1. Unique toothpaste Maximum Anti-Tooth Decay Protection

Comes in fresh mint and double mint flavors. This Unique toothpaste is absolutely effective in cleaning as well as strengthening teeth, it contains much fluoride and calcium. After brushing, you will experience the freshness and cleanliness of the entire mouth along with a tingling mint sensation.

2. Unique toothpaste – Gel

The Harder-Working Gel Toothpaste


This Unique toothpaste variant is extremely fun to use. It is in gel form and comes in the colors of blue, green and red. This brand of toothpaste has an exceptional mixture of Fluoride, Anti-Germs properties and Xylitol that delivers complete oral care for all Filipinos. It is also formulated to give one a long lasting fresh breath and a brighter smile. Use this Unique Toothpaste for healthy gums too.

It is now available in three flavors which are Unique Toothpaste Supernova Red, Unique Toothpaste Meteor Mint (green) and Unique Toothpaste Starburst Blue.



Unique toothpaste gives you full confidence with your smile


It is very surprising that the Unique toothpaste is only worth a few pesos as compared to other brands when it does the same great results. As an oral care agent, the Unique toothpaste is absolutely effective. It whitens teeth and keeps the breath fresh while all along its calcium contents keep the teeth strong. Smart moms as well thrifty college students have always reiterated the “coolness” of Unique toothpaste, they always say it leaves the mouth feeling fresh and looking absolutely healthy. It is the best value for your money and we now believe that. Use the Unique toothpaste everyday for a complete oral care.


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