Usana Essentials Review

usana essentials review

Have you heard of any interesting Usana Essentials review lately? As of recent, Usana vitamins and food supplements have roused the curiosity of people around the country, prompting many to buy tablets by the boxes. Many claim that Usana essentials are the best supplements to date and reading a Usana essentials review may prove beneficial in making your decision before buying one. This Usana essentials review is based on numerous consumer accounts plus actual observations from family and friends who are currently taking Usana essentials.

Usana essentials are food supplements in the form of tablets, they are easy to take in, simple to purchase, does not need a doctor’s prescription and are generally safe to the public. As a Usana essentials review, it is very important to state that these food supplements are usually and more popularly purchased from multi level marketing distributors. From them, prices are quite expensive and it would be ideal if the food supplements be bought here instead (orders would be from Amazon directly).

Usana Essentials review – nutrient facts


Wouldn’t you agree that the best Usana essentials review should focus on its nutrient contents? Distributors and sales people reiterate the many benefits it does for the body and that Usana’s products leave other multivitamins far behind in terms of nutrition. The Mega Anti Oxidant and Chelated Mineral combo make up Usana Essentials. These food supplements when taken together make up an awesome tandem of strengthening the body’s immune system as well as promoting health. This Usana essentials review will show both of the brands’ nutrient contents when taken together:


Usana essentials review – Chelated Minerals and Mega Anti Oxidant nutrition content


Serving Size: 2 tablets

Ingredients                                         Amt per Serving                               %Daily Value

Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene)     7,500     IU                           150

Vitamin C                                             650 mg                                  1080

(as Calcium, Potassium,

Magnesium, & Zinc Ascorbates)

Vitamin D3                                          900 IU                                   230

(as Cholecalciferol)

Vitamin E                                             200 IU                                   670

(as DAlpha Tocopheryl Succinate)

Vitamin K                                             30 mcg                                  40

(as Phylloquinone)


Thiamin                                                13.5 mg                                                900

(as Thiamin HCl)

Riboflavin                                            13.5 mg                                                790

Niacin                                                    20 mg                                    100

(as Niacin and Niacinamide)

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl)   16 mg                                    800

Folate (as Folic Acid)                       500 mcg                                130

Vitamin B12                                        100 mcg                                1670

(as Cyanocobalamin)

Biotin                                                    150 mcg                                50

Pantothenic Acid                              45 mg                                    450

(as D-Calcium Pantothenate)

Olivol                                                     15 mg

(Olive Extract , Olea Europaea L., Fruit)

Mixed Natural Tocopherols         17 mg

(d-gamma, d-delta and d-betatocopherol)

Bioflavonoid Complex:                  99 mg

[Rut Rutin, Quercetin, Hesperidin (Citrus spp. L., fruit), Green Tea Extract Decaffeinated (Camellia sinensis Hu nt, Leaves), Pomegranate Extract (Punica granatum L., Fruit), Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum cassia L., Bark), Bilberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus L., Fruit)]

Inositol                                                 75 mg

Choline Bitartrate                            50 mg

NAcetyl LCysteine                           50 mg


Bromelain                                           25 mg


Alpha Lipoic Acid                              10 mg

Coenzyme Q                                      106 mg

Turmeric Extract (Curcuma longa L., Root)            7.5 mg

Lutein (Tageteserecta L., flower)              300 mcg

Lycopene                                            500 mcg

Broccoli Concentrate                      7.5 mg

(Brassica oleracea v. botrytis L., Flower)


Usana Essentials review – dosage and administration

The Mega Antioxidant is Usana’s daily vitamin and antioxidant supplement for adults while the Chelated Mineral is its daily mineral supplement. These tablets are taken orally with water once a day preferably with meals. Each tablet is formulated for adults’ consumption.


Usana Essentials Review – Is it worth buying?

Let our Usana Essentials review guide you to figure out whether or not to purchase this much talked about food supplement.

First and foremost, we would just like to mention that our family and friends who’ve been using Usana Essentials are doing very very well. In school, at work, in the bedroom and in any activity they do, they report that they seem not to run out of energy and instead perform to a level that is so close to their prime. We also observe that older members of our family have been more energetic, have been sleeping better and are moving bowels at a healthier and more regular pattern. Usana Essentials are the only new things they’ve been having and we believe these good things are attributed to the pills.

There are many Usana essentials review in the web today and all that we’ve seen are positive statements. Athletes, actors, models and even politicians are leaving their own Usana Essentials review on social networks today and that must say something. We really believe those Usana essentials review are truthful for we’ve seen the results firsthand among our loved ones. As one who writes a Usana essentials review, I already bought a pack and recommend you try it too. I must warn you though that it costs much more than Revicon or Centrum but the results are amazing, these are the best food supplements I’ve tried so far. Try these food supplements to better your health today and feel free to write a Usana Essentials review about it too.





Bonamine works! Now we can avoid motion sickness with a tablet of Bonamine every time we travel.

Do you have the problem of feeling dizzy and even throwing up when touring by land, air and sea? This is called motion sickness or travel sickness and occurs when the inner ear (which is responsible for balance and movement detection) is disturbed. It also arises when there’s confusion between the sense of sight and balance, as in feeling movement but not actually seeing it just like when inside boats and planes. Sometimes, throwing up and feeling nauseated do not stop when the travel has ended and may go on even after a few hours. That sucks right and always ruins the tour. To stop this, Bonamine, an over the counter drug can be of great help, this drug prevents travel sickness and the good thing about it is that a tablet of Bonamine is enough to keep you comfortable the entire day!


What is Bonamine?


Bonamine is a drug belonging to the class – Anti emetic. These are drugs used to suppress vomiting as well as prevent nausea. Bonamine (Meclizine Hydrochloride) acts as a calming agent to the inner ear whenever motion is felt thus prevents dizziness and throwing up. Bonamine comes in the form of little white tablets (25 mg, 50 mg) and can be bought conveniently in drug stores with or without prescription. Pregnant women are also prescribed with Bonamine to prevent nausea and vomiting.

Bonamine Indications: Nausea and vomiting due to motion Sickness, Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

Bonamine Dosage:

For motion sickness for adults and children over 11 years old: take a tablet of Bonamine 25-50 mg. while children 5-10 years old can take a 12.5 mg tablet . All doses should be taken 1 hour before travel for 24-hour protection.

For nausea and vomiting in pregnancy: 1 tablet of Bonamine 25 – 50 mg/ day

Bonamine administration: may be taken with or without food, Bonamine tablets are swallowed with water; there are Bonamine chewables now available in drug stores

Bonamine adverse reactions: dry mouth, fatigue, drowsiness, blurred vision

Note: Do NOT take in Bonamine when allergic to Meclizine



Why take Bonamine?

Don’t let motion sickness ruin the fun out of touring. Sight seeing, talking with the family and friends while riding as well as picture taking will be so much fun without the feeling of sickness wouldn’t it? As mentioned above, travel sickness sometimes does not stop when you get out of your vehicle, as a matter of fact, many people report feeling dizzy, nauseated and tired even after a few hours of travel and this takes the enjoyment away from everything. To prevent this, a tablet of Bonamine is all you need and we ourselves testify that the results are great!

The next question you may probably ask is that: is Bonamine safe for everyone even without a doctor’s prescription? To prevent travel sickness, the answer is yes – as long as dosages are correctly followed and that one should know if he/she is allergic to Meclizine, then travels should be free of motion sickness. Bonamine is the most popular anti emetic drug in the Philippines exactly for the reason that it’s the safest and really affordable. Bonamine is distributed by Zuellig and is available nationwide.


Gatsby Hair Wax and Gatsby Hair Gel


Thank heavens there’s Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel to fix your hairdo for that special event today! Spike your hair up, flatten it down, comb it and style it any way you want it and Gatsby hair wax will hold it for you making you look and feel good.

Are you frustrated with how unruly hair can be? Do you often wish your locks would just keep an elegant combed style? Or are you the one who wants hair spiked up keeping stride to today’s fashion? Whatever hair style you prefer, count on Gatsby hair wax to set it and preserve it for long hours.


The Gatsby Hair Wax Variants

Gatsby Hair Wax Matte Type

matte finish

gatsby hair wax

Easy to apply on hair and unbelievably affordable, this Gatsby hair wax is the perfect solution for us guys to preserve a hair style for hours. It is white in appearance and waxy to the touch, a small amount of this can cover a large area of hair enabling the user to style it any way he wants. It provides a natural dry look to the hair without the shine but the setting strength is good.

Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber Spiky Edge


This is an awesome product to style the hair; the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber is absolutely preferred by men all over Asia for it easily creates different hair styles that are flexible. It’s light and fragrant with its apple scent and the best thing about it is that the hair can be reshaped and re-styled all day! Unlike gel, the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber does not make your hair clump, balding guys will truly love this. Strength: Very good.


How to use the Gatsby Hair Wax

On your palm and fingers, gather a small amount of Gatsby hair wax and spread it through your hair gradually working from the base up to the tips. Style hair using a wide toothed comb or your hands.

The Gatsby Hair Gel – Super Hard

Do you prefer a wet look and shiny appearance to your hair? Look for the Gatsby Hair Gel – Super Hard to shape your locks to a style that will hold all through out the day. This Gatsby hair gel is the strongest in the line plus does not succumb to humidity and perspiration! If you’re an athlete or one who easily perspires but still want to keep that hairdo, this is the gel to buy. This Gatsby hair gel is quick drying and for best results, dampen the hair a little before applying.

The Gatsby Hair wax and Gatsby hair gel comparison

Hair can absolutely make a person look handsome and styling it can give one confidence and character. The Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel are indeed among the best in setting the hair and in this we ourselves put our utmost trust. The Gatsby hair wax can benefit a person in the way that it holds the hair in place but makes it appear so natural. Looking at it, it would seem that no artificial substance was added to hair and when winds blow, the hair moves with it giving it a really natural feel and look. Hair strands do not clump so when you comb your hair with your fingers, it still is very much manageable!

Gatsby hair gel on the other hand is super strong to hold the hair in place plus gives it an ultra shiny appearance. People who want a wet look to coincide with a particular outfit will certainly find satisfaction with Gatsby hair gel. Most of the time, the Gatsby hair gel allows a person to keep his hairstyle from morning till night by allowing hair strands to bind with each other thus resisting winds and perspiration. The downside however is that hair cannot be reshaped anymore once it has hardened and to people with thinning hair, baldness is very much evident.

Whatever hair styling needs it may be, Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel has the perfect variants for all of us.


Victorias Secret Endless Love

victorias secret endless love body mist

Smell clean, fresh and absolutely fragrant with the Victorias Secret Endless Love all day long. This scent from Victoria’s Secret is the perfect fragrance to wear when you want a sweet floral scent around you. Are you the one who has the personality of being cheerful, kind and sweet? Aren’t these qualities just a treasure and an asset every where? Being comfortable with your warm manner is what the Victorias Secret Endless Love is trying to reflect. Show the world just how you and a sweet fragrant scent can inspire, the Victorias Secret Endless Love is a fragrance to love.

If you’re familiar with Victoria’s Secret, it will not be a surprise to know that their products are all of top quality. This company manufactures women’s clothes, lingerie and of course fragrances. The Victorias Secret Endless Love is one of the first scents manufactured by the company and up till now, it is much appreciated by women of all ages and culture.

Don’t you just love it when your skin feels soft and smooth and on top of that, fragrant? Isn’t it confidence boosting when people around you appreciate how clean and fresh you smell? How about the excitement you feel when you turn men’s heads toward you when you walk by? Fragrance and a natural coolness are what you need to attract the opposite sex and in this aspect, let the Victorias Secret Endless Love help you out. Check these great Victorias Secret Endless Love products to suit your very needs.

The Victorias Secret Endless Love collection (Body Lotion, Body Spray, Hand and body Cream)

Discover the wondrous effects fragrance can do, on top of that, experience softer and smoother skin with the Victorias Secret Endless Love collection now available here and Amazon:

1. The Victorias Secret Endless Love body lotion

Victoria’s Secret Endless Love lotion

Victoria’s Secret Endless Love lotion

Do you need a body lotion to keep your skin smooth and silky but still have that scent that’s flowery and fruity? With a small amount of Victorias Secret Endless Love on your palms, you can soften your arms and hands as well as the rest of the body to a suppleness you will be most comfortable with. An all time favorite, the Victorias Secret Endless Love body lotion is not greasy on the skin and spreads so easily. Immediately, you’ll experience a refreshing feel that confidence boosting.

Victorias Secret Endless Love body lotion has vitamins E & C, aloe vera essence, Oat and Grape seed extracts, shea and olive oil to make skin wonderfully soft and smooth. Its scent is described as having a sweet blend of apple blossom, ylang ylang and honey dew.

2. The Victorias Secret Endless Love  Body Mist

A body spray that smells so fragrant, the Victorias Secret Endless Love body mist is the perfect companion to a night out, date or anywhere you need confidence. A much favored body spray, this brand is continuously bought by customers and patrons keep adding up as days go by. The Victorias Secret Endless Love body spray is being discovered by many as a cool way to add sensuality. Its fragrance is just lingering and is generally very appealing.

The Victorias Secret Endless Love body mist also possesses skin moisturizers to keep your neck, nape, arms and chest smooth. One of the things that make it a best seller is that its fragrance is somewhat romantic like. Guys and women generally love its smell and compliment its user. Fragrant and difficult to resist, the Victorias Secret Endless Love Body Mist combines the scents of ylang ylang, honey dew and apple blossom.

How to use the Victorias Secret Endless Love Body Mist

For a delicate fragrance, spray the Victorias Secret Endless Love Body Mist a few inches away from the body. The droplets in this way will distribute much better thus covering a greater area.

Victorias Secret Endless Love Body Mist ingredients:

Alcohol Denat., water, fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Benzophenone – 2, Aloe Extract, Chamomile Extract, Blue 1, Red 33

*** Victorias Secret Endless Love body mist is highly flammable so keep it in mind to store it away from high heat and not to spray it near fire.

3. The Victorias Secret Endless Love Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

Victorias Secret Endless Love cream

Victorias Secret Endless Love hand & body cream

There’s really something so sexy to soft and smooth hands, men and women alike love the feel of smooth skin especially on fingers and palms. Thank goodness there’s the Victorias Secret Endless Love Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream to nourish and soften hands as well as the body. This is a great product for it acts quickly and lasts longer, softness and smoothness is definitely yours to experience.

This is another winning product for Victoria’s Secret. Women of all ages love to buy this cream for effectiveness and a long lasting fragrance that’s of apple blossom, honey dew and ylang ylang.


There’s no ending to liking the  Victorias Secret Endless Love collection

A great line of product with excellent fragrance is worth all the praise and honor and this is what the Victorias Secret Endless Love collection deserves. First of all, not only women like the smell of ylang ylang, men too are drawn to it and what more if apple blossom and honey dew is added? The label on the bottle of the Victorias Secret Endless Love body mist says: (once used), you’ll be imagining that you’re standing in a lush garden of sensual fragrance, and guess what, they’re right. Wearing this fragrance is like carrying flowers and fruits possessing scents that are so sweet people around will be sure to notice.

What makes the Victorias Secret Endless Love products so popular among customers is that it is worth its price. It smells great, and feels great. Most teens and women above 40 confess that the Victorias Secret Endless Love body mist makes them feel more feminine. It’s sweet and delicate fragrance is suited to their taste and spraying it on their hair and clothes is a better way of wearing it. Filipinos too have caught on with how good the Victorias Secret Endless Love products are, they say they would surely buy it again for no other brand captures the scent they all discovered. Feel charming and confident all day, try the Victorias Secret Endless Love lotions, cream and body spray.


Loreal Paris total repair 5

Loreal Paris total repair 5

Did you know the Loreal Paris total repair 5 can make your hair feel stronger, weightless and silkier in just a few minutes? What do you think about going to work or gracing parties with hair that’s so shiny and natural? Friends and coworkers will probably think you’ve been to the salon again but the truth is you’re just using the Loreal Paris total repair 5 in the comfort of your own home! Experience the joy and pleasure of having great hair without spending too much with the new Loreal Paris total repair 5, now you can look good and feel great with this amazing hair care product.

The Loreal Paris total repair 5 is a new shampoo and conditioner created by the world renowned Loreal Group. Being the most famous brand of hair care product in the world, the Loreal Paris total repair 5 answers five hair problems all at once through its Pro-Keratine and Ceramide enriched formula:

1. Weak hair strands

2. Flat and heavy feeling hair

3. Depleted

4. Dull

5. Rough

In just a few days of use you will experience a miracle of an improvement in your hair’s looks and feel. The Loreal Paris total repair 5 penetrates deep down and is easily absorbed by the hair making it tangle free, soft, smooth and silky.


Experience immediate hair softness and vitality in 1 minute with the Loreal Paris total repair 5 products

1. Loreal Paris total repair 5 shampoo

A most amazing hair shampoo, the Loreal Paris total repair 5’s results can be felt after a minute of use. Women around world praise this product for effectiveness in making hair soft, light and full of life. Hair is shiny and maintains a non oily feel for a long time too.

2. Loreal Paris total repair 5 Hair Conditioner

Loreal Paris total repair 5 conditioner

After shampooing, application of the I conditioner immediately sets out to work. It blends with hair strands so well that after use, you’ll immediately feel hair’s softness and silky feel. Women prefer hair that’s full of life, manageable and dense and with this Loreal Paris total repair 5 product, you get just that.


What makes Loreal Paris total repair 5 so effective?

Softness, vitality, manageability, smoothness, strength, you name it and the Loreal Paris total repair 5 has got it. Living true to expectations, women attest to the efficiency of this shampoo and conditioner. Loreal Paris total repair 5’s pro-keratine and ceramide works wonders to the hair starting from the cellular level. First, pro-keratine strengthens hair structure while ceramide  replicates hair’s intercellular cement, changing the hair’s surface to uniformly smooth strands. With these formula at hand, women all over the world experience hair that’s limiting split ends, thinning, damage and dullness.

It’s no wonder why the Loreal Paris total repair 5 is such a popular brand among women globally, it’s fragrant, easy to use, affordable and most of all very effective. Get total value for your money with this amazing hair care product, try the Loreal Paris total repair 5 today.


Medicol advance

medicol advance

Why put up with head ache, joint pains other body aches when you can stop it with the good old Medicol advance. Relieve the pain you feel from rheumatism, arthritis and inflammation with this trusted pain reliever so you can go on with your daily activities. Are you having toothache and cannot concentrate with so much pain? Are you having muscle pains due to that collision in your most recent basketball game? Let the Medicol advance help you manage those pains so you can focus on your tasks as well as find a remedy to start immediate healing.

Medicol Advance is an over the counter drug popular in the Philippines. It is normally taken in by people suffering from toothaches, muscle pain and fever. Pain is a normal response felt by the body when there is something wrong with it. Wounds, bruises, and inflammation are just some of the causes of pain and these are felt by the body’s receptors. When there’s pain, the person who feels it must immediately find a cure for what’s causing it but for the meantime, taking the Medicol Advance would be an ideal drug to relieve pain and make things more comfortable as the body heals. The Medicol Advance is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug that comes in a clear red solution and enclosed by a capsule which is gel like and transparent in appearance. Taken orally with water, the Medicol Advance changes the chemicals in the body that’s associated with feeling pain, safely, it reduces how the body senses pain and at the same time decreases swelling and lowers body temperature during fevers.


Medicol Advance indications

Pain can be sudden and just vanish in few minutes but when it lasts a bit longer and ruins your day, maybe it’s time for the Medicol Advance to make the pain go away. Use the Medicol Advance in times of:

headaches, toothache, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, backache, slight aches and pain associated with common colds, menstrual cramps and fever


Medicol Advance dosage:

1 capsule of Medicol Advance (200 mg) is used alleviate pain for four to six hour with the maximum dose of 6 soft gel capsules a day and is only to be taken as needed.


*** Please note that Medicol Advance is not ideally taken in times where signs and symptoms of dengue fever and other diseases which include bleeding are present.

Check out more information regarding Medicol advance at MIMS Philippines


Manage and relieve those pains with the Medicol Advance

The Medicol Advance is a fast relief to pains and is very easy to purchase. At just a few pesos, they are available in drug stores and do not need prescriptions. The Medicol Advance is safe to use on body aches and very effective to lower temperatures caused by simple fevers as well as decrease swelling due to trauma. This is a very ideal pain reliever when muscle pains caused by bumps and falls are experienced. Its liquid form is absorbed rapidly through the digestive system offering a quick relief. It also acts fast to relieve arthritis pains that affect the joints; most people prefer this brand for its effectiveness.

The Medicol Advance as a product is terrific for it covers and relieves a lot of pains but should be noted that consultation with physicians is still the best way to know if the Medicol advance suits you.


Nescafe classic coffee

Nescafe classic coffee

One to way to feel better during a cold and rainy weather is just to sit down, watch the world outside and drink a hot cup of Nescafe classic coffee. Let the Nescafe classic coffee join you in times of high and low and know that millions of others around the world do as you do. Isn’t coffee comforting whenever or wherever we drink it? Equally, it is a great drink to accompany us in times of fun, victory and get togethers. When was the last time you talked to an old friend over coffee? Or do you remember that crazy sleep over with cool iced coffee? Great times aren’t they? Whatever the occasion, celebrate and warm yourself up with the amazing taste of the Nescafe classic coffee.

Nescafe classic coffee is a leading name of instant coffee that’s loved all over the world. It is in powdered form and made from the best and genuine coffee beans processed to capture the real taste of coffee. Nescafe classic coffee roasts and grinds coffee beans and adds an extra step to deliver coffee powder that’s ready to mix with hot water. Manufactured by Nestle, the Nescafe classic coffee is a safe, loveable and a timeless drink for all generations to come.


The Nescafe classic coffee

The Nescafe classic coffee is made from pure coffee beans for a great tasting coffee experience. Just take a spoonful of this powdered instant coffee and mix it with hot water. You can add your favorite creamers and sugar too.

An 8 ounce bottle of the Nescafe classic coffee produces 135-150 cups of coffee, it’s medium dark roast and all made from coffee beans.

The Nescafe classic coffee Decaf

Taste good coffee with this variant now decaffeinated


Nescafe classic coffee decaf



Our choice is the Nescafe classic coffee

If we were to choose something to accompany our favorite pandesal, bibingka and ensaymada, we would absolutely want the Nescafe classic coffee to drink with those delicious Filipino breads. Aside from the pairings’ delicious taste, doesn’t it just feel right to eat those with coffee? And what about cake, a pie or doughnuts with the Nescafe classic coffee? Doesn’t that just sound perfect? Hhmmm, so what are you waiting for, indulge in the goodness of coffee with your favorite breads, cakes and pies.

We love this brand of instant coffee, it really captures the goodness of coffee plus it is much more affordable and easy to use than commercially prepared ground coffee. Creamers, milk and sugar work perfectly with the Nescafe classic coffee.


Olay age defying body wash

Olay age defying body wash

Stay confident, proud and sexy even after 40 with the Olay age defying body wash. How do you like to show your friends you still have it whenever you’re at the beach or at the pool? Many women today are insecure about their skin and try to hide underneath t-shirts and long shorts when in fact they should be swimming and having fun. Don’t you just miss showing off smooth skin while wearing bathing suits, tank tops and shorts? How about that backless evening gown you’ve worn when you were 20? You can still wear those without having to be criticized about rough and old looking skin with the Olay age defying body wash. With constant use, the Olay age defying body wash will help you maintain that young looking skin for ultra confidence.

The Olay age defying body wash is a personal skin care product manufactured by Procter and Gamble. Olay is a world leading brand in this category and has numerous products supported by billions of women around the world. Did you know the Olay age defying body wash works by cleaning the skin using soap free formula? It also makes use of hypo allergenic ingredients to make sure skin irritation does not happen. On top of that, the Olay age defying body wash nourishes the skin with variants possessing vitamins E, A and B3, and niacin (nutrients proven to keep the skin healthy and glowing).


Aging does not have to happen very quickly, love your young skin, use the Olay age defying body wash.


1. Olay age defying body wash with vitamin E

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing like it was when you were at your prime is now possible with the Olay age defying body wash. This product will be the best gift to yourself as you will feel smoothness and softness to your skin. The Olay age defying body wash has vitamins E, A and B3 and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy.


2. Olay age defying body wash with Vitaniacin

Olay age defying body wash

Another in demand body wash, this Olay product cleanses the skin but does not leave your skin dry. You will be coming out of the bath feeling fresh and fragrant.


Use the Olay age defying body wash as substitute for soap. Pour amounts of it onto your hands and lather it all over the body. Rinse with water and feel the difference.



Show your skin some love with the Olay age defying body wash

It is for certain you won’t be able to stop aging, but you can make your skin look younger than it really is. The Olay age defying body wash is a terrific skin care product to nourish the skin making it supple, smooth and soft. Millions of women around the world love the Olay age defying body wash for it is indeed effective. With constant use, skin appears to be so supple and feel so soft. “We love it”, is constant praise for the Olay age defying body wash, once in the shower, the lather is creamy and fragrant women seem not to want to get out of the bath anymore.

One customer said that in just a week, she already felt the difference Olay age defying body wash does. Coming out of the shower, her skin felt fresher and smoother and definitely appeared younger. Enjoy the effects of the Olay age defying body wash, you deserve pampering and to feel beautiful.


Unique toothpaste

Unique toothpaste

If you’re trying to find the best care for your teeth, you might want to switch to Unique toothpaste today. Flashing sets of pearly white teeth can make the difference in making friends and meeting a special someone so be sure to keep your teeth white and clean. Have you ever experienced talking to someone cute but turns out he or she has bad breath? Oh that’s just a turn off isn’t it? It’s so embarrassing and we all do not want that to happen. Brushing the teeth is a good way to prevent bad breath and Unique toothpaste is just the brand to use. The Unique toothpaste works in keeping the teeth white and clean at the same time prevents bacteria from multiplying for several hours.

Unique toothpaste is a Philippine product made by ACS manufacturing. It’s known to create top quality personal care products and Unique toothpaste is definitely one of the best. Proven to be safe, effective and affordable, the Unique toothpaste serves the Filipinos to achieve a winsome smile and fresh breath. Unique toothpaste is approved by the Philippine Dental Association and is recommended by dentists as well as celebrities who have experienced its two fluoride and calcium results.


The Unique toothpaste has several varieties to suit your needs:

1. Unique toothpaste Maximum Anti-Tooth Decay Protection

Comes in fresh mint and double mint flavors. This Unique toothpaste is absolutely effective in cleaning as well as strengthening teeth, it contains much fluoride and calcium. After brushing, you will experience the freshness and cleanliness of the entire mouth along with a tingling mint sensation.

2. Unique toothpaste – Gel

The Harder-Working Gel Toothpaste


This Unique toothpaste variant is extremely fun to use. It is in gel form and comes in the colors of blue, green and red. This brand of toothpaste has an exceptional mixture of Fluoride, Anti-Germs properties and Xylitol that delivers complete oral care for all Filipinos. It is also formulated to give one a long lasting fresh breath and a brighter smile. Use this Unique Toothpaste for healthy gums too.

It is now available in three flavors which are Unique Toothpaste Supernova Red, Unique Toothpaste Meteor Mint (green) and Unique Toothpaste Starburst Blue.



Unique toothpaste gives you full confidence with your smile


It is very surprising that the Unique toothpaste is only worth a few pesos as compared to other brands when it does the same great results. As an oral care agent, the Unique toothpaste is absolutely effective. It whitens teeth and keeps the breath fresh while all along its calcium contents keep the teeth strong. Smart moms as well thrifty college students have always reiterated the “coolness” of Unique toothpaste, they always say it leaves the mouth feeling fresh and looking absolutely healthy. It is the best value for your money and we now believe that. Use the Unique toothpaste everyday for a complete oral care.



Speed detergent

Speed detergent

speed detergent bareta kalamansi

Take our word for it, Speed detergent cleans stains out of your favorite garments and does it safely. Do you have shirts or jackets that need cleaning but are wary colors might fade? Are you not satisfied with the way your usual detergents clean your clothes? By all means then, try the Speed detergent on your laundry today and worry about worrying no more. The Speed detergent bar and powder is a quick way to clean your clothes so you’ll have more time for other important activities.

Speed detergent is a proud Philippine product that gains more and more customers as time passes. With its efficiency and effectiveness, even celebrities prefer this brand over imported detergents. Speed detergent is manufactured by Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation, they are a company that is specializing in the production of detergents and bleaches and have offices located all over the Philippines.

Speed Detergent comes in the following forms:


Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – White

As a traditional form of detergent, Filipinos have gotten used of the bar soap form and Speed detergent has manufactured these for the common masses’ use.

Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – Calamansi

This Speed detergent variant has great cleaning properties infused with calamansi for a better anti stain function and a smell that is so fresh.

Speed detergent Bar/ bareta – Blue high impact

Speed detergent

speed detergent bar blue hi impact

A blue colored Speed detergent bareta is now sold for a more powerful stain removal.

How to use the Speed detergent bareta:

Over wet / soaked clothes, swipe the Speed detergent bareta a few times especially over stains and rub the surfaces against each other or with a scrub. Wash and rinse well and hang to dry, that’s it.

Speed detergent Babad Powder

Powder in form, this Speed detergent is white and can be effectively used to remove dirt away. By just soaking clothes in a basin of water with dissolve Speed detergent, dirt is slowly lifted away. These are packed in sachets and are very affordable. They can be bought in singles packs in sari sari stores.

Speed detergent

Speed detergent babad

Speed detergent Powder – Calamansi

The scent of freshness can be smelled on your clothes with this Speed detergent variant. Calamansi is known for its stain removing properties and coming in as a bonus is its ever clean and fresh scent.

How to use the Speed detergent powder

In a basin, dissolve Speed detergent – powder and soak in clothes for 30 minutes, proceed with your regular way of washing scrubbing parts heavily stained. Wash soap away as you rinse and hang to dry. Speed detergent – powder can also be used in washing machines.



Speed detergent gets rid of stains

in no time

Would you believe you’d actually be saving more by using Speed detergent as compared to other brands? This is true, plus Speed detergent removes dirt quicker for it possesses better stain fighting formula, at soaking time, dirt is already being lifted off so by the time you do the actual washing, some of the work has already been done. At such competitive prices and even without bleach, whites come out as white as ever. With Speed detergent, your hands won’t even have to hurt for with just a few scrubs, dirt comes off easily plus it also provides clothes with an appealing fragrance.

More and more Filipinos are starting to realize how good Speed detergent is, what most like about it is that it gets the job done in less the time and as effectively as leading brands. With this detergent, time is maximized and results are satisfying. Try the Speed detergent on your laundry today and be surprised at the efficiency it provides.