Coffee Mate Caramel

Coffee mare vanilla caramel

coffee mate caramel

Have a good start to the day by pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee mixed with the creamy Coffee Mate Caramel. Taste rich caramel flavor in your coffee while reading the paper and eating a mighty breakfast. Do you want your coffee to have that mild foam and creamy taste? Do you want to smell a sweet aroma with every sip of a cup? Let Coffee Mate Caramel please you with delicious tasting coffee whether it’s brewed or instant.

Coffee Mate Caramel is one of the newest flavored creamers Nestle has produced to gladden millions of coffee aficionados. Coffee Mate Caramel creates a smooth drink with delicious caramel flavor and latte smoothness. Mixed with hot coffee, this brand of creamer dissolves and blends very quickly, turning your drink into a light brown beverage that’s fragrant and absolutely delicious.


Whether it’s morning or night, or hot or cold, Coffee Mate Caramel will make your relaxing time so much enjoyable. Try it as an iced coffee ingredient too, that recipe will surely delight your senses.

The Coffee Mate Caramel Variants:

1. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Powder

This Coffee Mate Caramel variant is in powder form, once poured over a cup of drink (hot or cold), it dissolves and mixes easily providing you with a delicious beverage. A more preferred kind of creamer, this powdered Coffee Mate Caramel is easier to carry in bags when going to work or travelling.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated coconut or palm kernel, hydrogenated soybean), corn syrup solids, and less than 2% of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)***, natural and artificial flavors, dipotassium phosphate (moderates coffee acidity), mono- and diglycerides (prevents oil separation), salt, sodium aluminosilicate, sucralose.*** not a source of lactose.

Coffe mate Caramel

coffee mate caramel macchiato


2. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Liquid

Yummy coffee caramel macchiato recipes are easy with this liquid creamer. Just add to your cup of coffee and stir.

3. Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato – Liquid- Sugar Free

Drink a great coffee recipe with this Coffee Mate Caramel version. It is sugar free so it’s ideal for those who want to cut down on their calorie intake. It’s best suited for iced coffees and other cold beverages.

4. Coffee Mate Caramel Vanilla – Powder/ Liquid (also available in sugar free version)

Another great Coffee Mate Caramel version, this creamer provides your drink with a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor.

Coffe mate Caramel

Coffee Mate Caramel Vanilla Sugar Free


Coffee Mate Caramel is coffee’s perfect partner

Why pay for expensive coffee recipes at cafes when you can create a delicious one at home? Coffee Mate Caramel is the easiest way of flavoring your coffee into something more special and you deserve just that today.

This creamer is not only limited to coffee but can be used on hot chocolate and tea as well. It is very versatile and a lot of customers praise it for the wondrous tastes it provides. Coffee Mate Caramel might just be the best and the most favored creamer in the country today, it is the most sought after in stores so we advise you to hurry up and buy the Coffee Mate Caramel before stocks run out. Can you believe hundreds of people said the Coffee Mate Caramel actually makes them happy? We do, the Coffee Mate Caramel is a delight in every coffee cup.


Ceelin vitamin C

Celine Vitamn C

Ceelin Ascorbic acid

Don’t let the rainy seasons and cold weather get you down, boost your immune system with Ceelin Vitamin C and cheer up all the way through bad weather. Did you know vitamin C not only fights infections and diseases but it also helps in keeping a brighter positive mood? That is correct. Ceelin vitamin C as all ascorbic acid prevent depression as it does scurvy, bad skin, bleeding gums and oxidative stress.

Ceelin vitamin C provides the body with ascorbate needed for maintaining good health, inside and out. With the rainy season upon us, diseases are a hassle and gets in the way of performing at your best. To prevent this, you must strengthen your immune system to fight infection causing organisms and in this battle, Ceelin vitamin C is a very good ally and weapon.

Ceelin is also often times confused as Celine Vitamin C. It may be a misspelling of the brand. You will not find any Celine Vitamin C brand in the market and you should be buying Celine.


How and when is Ceelin vitamin C taken?

Ceelin Vitamin C are taken orally and come in the forms of tablets and pastilles. If prescribed by a doctor, take Ceelin vitamin C as ordered.

**In the United States, vitamin C is prescribed usually at 75 mg per day for women and 90 mg for men, but with higher doses for those who smoke, are pregnant and breastfeeding.


Available compositions and dosage of Ceelin vitamin C

Ceelin Vitamin C Pastilles- Oral- 75 mg

Ceelin Vitamin C Tablets- Chewable Oral- 500 mg

Ceelin Vitamin C Tablets- Oral- 500 mg


Ceelin Vitamin C Indications / Use

Ceelin Vitamin C is used as treatment and prevention of lack of vitamin C in the body. As a result of low Vitamin C, the body may be susceptible to scurvy. Scurvy is a disease characterized by brown spots on the skin, soft and bleeding gums, pale in color and even depressed in behavior.


Other important uses of Ceelin Vitamin C

Ceelin Vitamin C can be of great help to the body. For starters, Ceelin vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.

Ceelin vitamin C has anti histamine effects which help stop runny noses and watery eyes.

Ceelin vitamin C can help in the maintenance of good skin, teeth, cartilage, blood vessels and promotes proper bone growth.

Ceelin vitamin C promotes stronger immune systems and helps the cardiovascular system maintain integrity.


Give your body systems a boost with the Ceelin vitamin C

In the Philippines there is a saying that says, “It is very difficult and expensive to be sick”, and is answered by another Filipino pun which says therefore: “bawal magkasakit” or “It is prohibited to get sick”. In today’s stressful and changing times, it is very critical to maintain our health and it can be gladdening to know that Ceelin vitamin C serves as partner in doing this task. There are of course many brands of vitamin C out there today but Ceelin vitamin C is one that proves to be worth all the expenditure. This brand of ascorbic acid is most effective as evidenced by the thousands of people leaving reviews in the internet. Many have confessed taking this brand of ascorbic acid for years and did not in any way feel adverse effects, in fact they felt a complete improvement in their skin, gums and overall well being.  At such a reasonable price, one can stack packets or even boxes of Ceelin vitamin C for future use.



Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk Shampoo


Unilever’s Sunsilk Shampoo is one shampoo brand in the Philippine market that takes pride in its wide selection of variants, and with each variant having a corresponding conditioning product (Sunsilk Conditioner). Its new range is called CO-CREATIONS. Sunsilk Shampoo CO-CREATIONS came from the idea of having hair experts from around the world share their own unique formula to create a formulation for Sunsilk that would give its consumers that “expert-touched” beautiful hair.


Facts about Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk Shampoo is an international brand created by the Unilever group. It is popular here in the Philippines because of its high quality hair care products that are well within an average Filipino’s budget (more affordable than other international brands).


Using Sunsilk Shampoo

As with any other shampoo, you have to put an ample amount of the product and work it into a rich lather, massaging from your scalp to the tip of your hair. Rinse with water. Conditioner is optional, but I would still recommend you to use it after washing with Sunsilk Shampoo.


Sunsilk Shampoo: Stressed about your tresses?

Sunsilk Shampoo’s CO-CREATIONS is by far the best formula ever produced by Unilever for this brand. This is based from my own experience. I personally like the new Expert-Perfect Straight by Yuko Yamashita (purple bottle). It relaxes my hair’s natural waves to make it look straighter. But if you have other hair care needs, you can also try the other variants:  Smooth and Manageable also by Yuko Yamashita (pink bottle), Strong and Long by Teddy Charles (green bottle), Straight and Sway also by Teddy Charles (violet bottle), Damage Repair by Thomas Taw (orange bottle), Soft and Smooth also by Thomas Taw (yellow bottle), Anti-Dandruff by Dr. Francesca Fusco (blue bottle), and Hair Fall Solution also by Dr. Francesca Fusco (gold bottle). With a wide range to choose from, you can be assured that there is a Sunsilk Shampoo to match your hair type.



Slenda Slimming Dietary Supplement


Get some help with your efforts of slimming down with Slenda. Slenda is the Philippines’ premier dietary herbal supplement made from all natural, safe and effective ingredients capable of helping you reduce and maintain an ideal weight. How is your diet practice today? Are you frustrated with how slow or ineffective it is? Try adding Slenda to your regimen and be surprised of its wondrous results.

Slenda is a dietary herbal supplement that contains Resveratrol, Green tea extract, Banaba and Turmeric. These components come from plants and are proven safe and effective in controlling the accumulation of fat in the body. Coming in capsule form, Slenda is taken in as a dietary supplement aimed to reduce weight. These capsules work by helping the body metabolize food faster and burn calories quicker at a way that does not trouble your bowel movements so suddenly. Using Slenda, one can effectively shed off unwanted weight safely and effectively.

Slenda is most effective when used correctly with regular exercise and a healthy eating pattern.

How is Slenda supposed to be used?

Slenda is in capsule form and should be taken with water once, three times a day. Take in Slenda 10 minutes before a regular meal for it to be more effective.

Slenda Ingredients

1. Resveratrol

In Slenda, resveratrol functions as a blocker to fat accumulation. It is a natural phenol found in plants most commonly in grapes. In a Korean study, resveratrol proved to aid in body building, thus remains an important ingredient in their own dietary supplements. In the Endocrine Society’s 90th annual meeting in 2008, German researchers indicated that resveratrol inhibited fat cells from accumulating, cells themselves lost some of their ability to store fat. Aside from helping to shape the body, resveratrol also functions to lower blood sugar and has anti viral effects. Slenda has made use of these dietary benefits to lower the body’s fat accumulation.

2. Green tea extract

Slenda makes use of green tea extract to help increase metabolic rate. Coming from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, green tea extract also helps the body in flushing out toxins. Green tea extract increases the metabolic rate to produce weight loss by thermogenesis. Through this bodily function, stimulation of fat oxidation and the boosting of the metabolic rate of 4% without increasing the heart rate is achieved. There are numerous studies published in books and the net all proving the beneficial properties of green tea extract, this with the other Slenda components work harmoniously in improving metabolism for a slimmer you.

3. Banaba

Slenda uses banaba as an ingredient to prevent weight gain. Banaba is one of the Philippines’ Department of Health approved herbal plants that posses numerous health benefits. According to numerous researches, banaba helps in moderating blood sugar levels thus maintaining a good balance in metabolism and preventing accumulation of fats. Slenda uses this DOH approved herb to increase its potency in bettering metabolism.

4. Turmeric

Slenda uses turmeric as a fat suppressant. Commonly used for cooking, turmeric has an effect that triggers thermogenisis (in this body process, fat is burned). In the article Turmeric and Weight Loss in the site, it was said that turmeric may have significant effects in lowering fats in the blood stream as well as regulating weight gain.

How does Slenda help you reduce fat?

Slenda Review

Wouldn’t it be just great to show off a lean and sculpted body? In today’s world where beauty lies on the figure, being slim and fit and is the new description to being attractive or sexy and with this, Slenda can help you achieve it safely and effectively.

One of the best things that make Slenda a great product is that it is all natural and safe. Slenda makes use of herbal ingredients studied and deemed to possess fat reducing properties. Through improving metabolism, the body gets rid of fat now and prevents it from accumulating. There are many dietary supplements in the market today but most of those induce uncomfortable and sudden bowel elimination. That can be very uncomfortable and messy and we all do not like that, with Slenda one can manage his own weight comfortably and easily.

At 12 pesos a capsule, Slenda is a great buy. It is very affordable and beneficial to the health. Actresses in the Philippines (Valerie Concepcion & Isabelle Daza) as well as countless others testify to the effectiveness of Slenda, they all praise this dietary supplement for there were clear results. With Slenda, your routines of exercise and diet will show significant outcomes, just look at Isabelle and Valerie’s sexy physiques, they are just to envy.

Slenda Package

Natural Quality Corp., Slenda’s manufacturer has passed the standards set by the Bureau of Food and Drugs. It is also registered with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and has an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. Slenda is a safe way to shed those unwanted flabs, with Slenda you can fit right back to those old jeans you’ve been keeping.


Aceite Alcanforado

Aceite Alcanforado

Aceite Alcanforado

Ever heard about the term “Aceite Alcanforado” from your mother and grandmother? If you have a baby yourself, you might have encountered some doting members of your extended family offering you a bottle of this product to use on the child. They usually would tell you to use it together with another product, Aceite Manzanilla, and hand you a thin white cloth called “bigkis” to tie around the baby’s tummy. But, do they have a scientific explanation as to how Aceite Alcanforado could provide relief to certain ailments? I could not remember our paediatrician recommending this product but somehow, whenever I used it on my child, I see that he is actually relieved from his minor discomforts. What is Aceite Alcanforado and what benefits does it give? Read on for more information.


Aceite Alcanforado Magical Oil

Aceite Alcanforado, or Camphorated Oil, is a transparent yellowish liquid that some people I know of use against any type of discomfort that needs massaging. It has many uses, including pain relief (usually for muscular and joint aches), itch reduction (due to its anti-inflammatory property), improvement of circulation, and decongestant action (thru vapour therapy). When used together with another essential oil, Aceite Manzanilla, this product may be used against colic.


Info on Aceite Alcanforado

The most popular brand available in drug stores is Rhea Aceite Alcanforado, a product by Philusa Corporation, which is available in 15, 60 and 120 ml bottles. It contains Camphor, a substance that is poisonous when ingested, thus it is intended only for external use. Aceite Alcanforado is indicated for use in the following: sprains, simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, colds, and bronchitis. It should not be used on broken skin, and caution should be taken to prevent product from getting into eyes and mucous membranes (e.g., inside of nose). Also, in case of skin irritation, use of this product must be discontinued.



Aceite Alcanforado Aficionados

Here in the Philippines, Aceite Alcanforado is used mainly to treat respiratory problems in infants such as colds. Some parents may also use this together with Aceite Manzanilla to treat a newborn’s colic. Though not generally recommended by doctors, it is not contraindicated either. I have also found out that Aceite Alcanforado is more of a wellness product than an actual medication. But some Filipinos are still advocating this alternative form of therapy because they think it is natural (since it is an essential oil). Though this product could actually be beneficial, it is still suggested that people take their prescribed medications (if there are any) while using “camphorated oil” as an adjunctive treatment.

In my case, I was completely satisfied with this product. In fact, I used it when my child was just a newborn, to treat some of his respiratory and gastric (tummy) ailments, and proved that it is indeed an effective and inexpensive remedy for simple illnesses.

So, if all you want is quick and affordable relief for some of your minor bodily discomforts (that does not require hospitalization), then try using Aceite Alcanforado today.


Oatmeal Pancake Mix

oatmeal pancake mix

A delicious Oatmeal pancake mix may be the answer to the question of: “will I have pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast today?” Wake up and greet the day with a breakfast to energize and fill the body, get the best of oatmeal and pancakes with these awesome oatmeal pancake mixes.

An oatmeal pancake mix is a powdered mix that combines the recipe of tasty pancake and real oat flakes. This clever idea fused the health benefits of oats with the goodness of pancakes that got people valuing breakfast once again. Treat yourself and your family to a fun and healthy way to start a morning, stack pancakes on your plate using these oatmeal pancake mixes.

Choose a breakfast or snack to make among these great oatmeal pancake mixes. They are absolutely easy to create and completely delicious, kids and adults alike will love them.

Try these delicious oatmeal pancake mixes


1. Quaker oatmeal pancake mix

Quaker is the leader in oatmeal manufacturing and what a great idea it was to create their own recipe for an oatmeal pancake mix. Quaker offers you 100% whole grain oats mixed in pancake, their mix is fortified with calcium, iron and fiber. This delicious oatmeal pancake mix is a winner for it tastes so delicious it will not be a surprise if you put this product on top of your list over all other brands.

oatmeal pancake mix


2. Bob’s Red Mill Organic high fiber oatmeal pancake mix

This brand is one of the world’s biggest names in healthy grain production. Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal pancake mix is an outstanding product made of all natural ingredients. It yields tasty pancakes with a lovable texture. It’s fluffy pancakes are a sight to behold especially when stacked one on top of the other with syrup


Organic whole wheat pastry flour, organic scottish oatmeal, organic vital wheat gluten, organic wheat bran, organic evaporated cane juice, organic flaxseed meal, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, bicarbonate of soda, cornstarch), sea salt, organic oat bran, organic wheat germ.

oatmeal pancake mix


3. Krusteaz Low Fat Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Greet your family good morning with this oatmeal pancake mix. Another great product, this mix offers soft, fluffy pancakes that have a light taste of cinnamon. This oatmeal pancake mix would serve a great gift to health conscious family members and friends. This is such a versatile mix you can add nuts and fruits and can be cooked in waffle makers.

oatmeal pancake mix


4. Waffle Lady Naturally Organic Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Oh wow! This is another delicious food product great for breakfast or snack. The delicious taste of pumpkin is incorporated with oats and pancake. This oatmeal pancake mix makes use of organic flours, organic toasted oats, natural cane sugar, natural spices, and natural vanilla.

oatmeal pancake mix




5. Heidi’s Cottage Classics Oats n’ Apple – Oatmeal Pancake Mix

Do you want the delicious taste of apple in your pancakes? This brand mixes the goodness of apples in pancakes and it only takes minutes to prepare. Just add water to the powdered mix and that’s it, it’s ready to cook and enjoy.

oatmeal pancake mix



Oatmeal pancake mixes are great, it saves you time and effort plus it delivers terrific tasting treats. Order your oatmeal pancake mix here and enjoy a breakfast of champions.


Bisquick pancake mix

Bisquick pancake mix - Bisquick Shake 'n Pour

Bisquick pancake mix is probably the easiest way to make delicious pancakes. Powdered Bisquick pancake mix (shake and pour) is contained a plastic bottle and all you have to do is add some water and shake the plastic bottle. Pour the mixture in small amounts over a heated pan and presto! Yummy pancakes ready in a jiffy.

Do you want to teach your daughter or son how to make pancakes? Do remember the time when moms used to teach us? Preparing pancake mixtures as well as cooking was messy and time taxing during those times for we had to prepare eggs and flour and all other ingredients individually. This time, the Bisquick pancake mix saves us from all those troubles and just lets us enjoy good tasting pancakes.

Bisquick pancake mix was created in 1930 after a dining experience at a train. One of the company’s sales executives complemented the chef for a delicious snack and the chef revealed to have created his recipes in a pre mixed way to save time. The chef said he kept a liquefied mixture in a bottle and kept it on ice to be preserved. Every time he needed to bake, he’d just pour the mixture over a pan and cook. Bisquick pancake mix used that idea to create their delicious pancake mixes and save people the time and effort of preparing. It’s basically just “shake and pour” as their slogan says. Creating delicious pancakes is so easy.


Try the Bisquick pancake mix for a quick snack. Choose among these Bisquick pancake mix variants and click on to order. Each one of these yield good tasting pancakes in minutes.

1. Bisquick pancake mix – Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Buttermilk

Contained in plastic bottles, the powdered Bisquick pancake mix needs just a few amounts of water and all you have to do is shake. That’s minus the mess of splashing any batter mixture! This Bisquick pancake mix variant creates fluffy treats that’s also so tasty.


Bisquick pancake mix – Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Buttermilk Nutrient facts

Servings 1                            3 pancakes

Calories 220                                        Sodium 600 mg

Total Fat 3 g                                        Potassium 110 mg

Saturated 1 g                                     Total Carbs 42 g

Polyunsaturated 0 g                        Dietary Fiber 1 g

Monounsaturated 0 g                    Sugars 7 g

Trans 1 g                                              Protein 6 g

Cholesterol 0 mg


Vitamin A 0%                                     Calcium 25%

Vitamin C 0%                                      Iron 10%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


2. Bisquick pancake mix – Original All Purpose Baking Mix

This Bisquick pancake mix has an all original flavor and is terrific in creating muffins, pancakes and waffles. Contained in boxes – pour over bowls and add water.

3. Bisquick pancake mix – Gluten-Free

Delicious pancake is now gluten free with this Bisquick pancake mix variant. The classic taste of Bisquick pancakes are ever so delicious and now, you will not have to worry about sensitivity to gluten.

Bisquick pancake mix – Gluten-Free ingredients:

Rice flour, sugar, leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monosodium phosphate), modified potato starch, salt, xanthan gum            May contain soy ingredients

4. Bisquick pancake mix and Baking Mix Reduced Fat

Enjoy delicious pancakes with the same Bisquick taste but this time with reduced fat. Pour the powdered Bisquick pancake mix in bowls and add water, mix, cook and that’s it! This variant is naturally low in cholesterol, has its fat content reduced and fortified with calcium.

Bisquick pancake mix and Baking Mix Reduced Fat Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1/3 cup

Amount per Serving

Calories 150                                        Calories from Fat 27.0

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 3g                                         4%

Saturated Fat 0g                               0%

Cholesterol 0mg                               0%

Sodium 460mg                                  19%

Total Carbohydrate 28g                 9%

Dietary Fiber 0g                                                0%

Sugars 0g


Protein 3g                                           6%

Est. Percent of Calories from:

Fat                                                          17.9%

Carbs                                                     74.2%

Protein                                                 7.9%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.


Here’s a quick pancake recipe using the Bisquick pancake mix – shake and pour:

If you have bananas at home, put it to better use by mixing it in pancakes. Mash those well and mix it with the Bisquick pancake mix. Upon opening the lid of a Bisquick pancake mix – shake and pour, add 1 ½ cups of water and shake for 45 seconds. That’s it! Cook over a pan in medium heat and enjoy.


The Bisquick pancake mix remains a favorite even after a century

Bisquick pancake mix review


If Bisquick pancake mix is still sought after by so many, even after a century, then this only proves Bisquick pancake mix is a superb product. Pancake mixes have come and gone and this brand, well it has stayed. The Bisquick pancake mix holds a recipe for pancakes that has been loved for a long time and now is a standard for good tasting treats.

Millions of people around the world love the Bisquick pancake mix. It is ordered online in different countries and is preferred by many kids in America. Pancakes created by this product have been described by many as food that reminds them of great memories. Great taste and satisfaction is achieved with the Bisquick pancake mix.



Blueberry Pancake Mix

blueberry pancake mix

Does a blueberry pancake mix yield good tasting pancakes or what? They are great and they just might be the greatest recipes for pancakes ever! Imagine the fruity taste of blueberry blended in the sweet and creamy flavor of pancakes, mmm they’re almost impossible to resist. A blueberry pancake mix is a great product as you can enjoy delicious snacks minus the mess and long minutes of preparation.

A blueberry pancake mix is in the form of powder and is then packed and sealed to lock in freshness. All that one need is combine a blueberry pancake mix with water and cook it in a frying pan or a pancake cooker. For a more exciting look, blueberry pancake mixes can be cooked in waffle makers to achieve an attractive look. A blueberry pancake mix usually does not need an egg mixed with it as the mixture can rise on its own, it produces fluffy pancakes. However, when an egg is added, pancakes become more fluffy and appear to be thicker but nevertheless soft and delicious.


Enjoy a blueberry pancake mix by ordering here. Choose a blueberry pancake mix below and savor delicious and appetizing meals.

1. Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Pancake Mix

This brand of blueberry pancake mix is great. It is contained in cans and ideal for a gift. A popular name of blueberry pancake mix, Stonewall yields fluffy pancakes plus it blends well with fruits and syrup.

Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Pancake Mix ingredients:

enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), blueberries (blueberries, fructose, malic acid), yellow corn flour, leavening (baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate), malt powder, salt, natural flavor, sugar, buttermilk.


2. New England Blueberry Pancake Mix

Breakfast and snacks are terrific with the New England Blueberry Pancake Mix. This brand produces tasty pancakes with zesty blueberry flavor. This product is all natural and has no preservatives.

Ingredients: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Blueberries Canned in Water, Sugar, Non-Aluminum Baking Powder, Salt, Cinnamon.


blueberry pancake mix



3. Protidiet High Protein Blueberry Pancake Mix

Yummy blueberry pancake mix just got better with the inclusion of protein. Build your body while eating delicious pancakes.



blueberry pancake mix

4. Nutrisystem advanced blueberry pancake mix

Enjoy a healthy way of eating pancakes with the Nutrisystem advanced blueberry pancake mix. Get a load of fiber with this pancake mix brand.


blueberry pancake mix

The  blueberry pancake mixes mentioned above are available here so click on to order. Blueberry Pancake Mix is a terrific food product to energize you in the morning. Top it with fruits and syrup to add more zest. Try these Blueberry Pancake Mixes and serve them to show your love.


Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix

Treat yourself with love by preparing good old pancakes with the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix. Isn’t it time to pamper yourself with calming and soothing food like delicious pancakes? Whether its for breakfast or snack, the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix will serve you with appetizing treats sure to make you feel so comfortable.

Did you know people across the globe enjoy the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix for more than 100 years now? This brand of pancake mix is probably the oldest to produce an all in one pancake mix. The Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix started to manufacture ready mixed powder in 1889 with Mr.  Chris L. Rutt and Charles G. Underwood starting the business. Originally, they sold only flour but with too much excess of it, decided to pack ready mixed pancake formula. It proved to be an excellent idea as it grew and became popular all over America. Now, the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix is owned by Quaker Oats Company and has further developed the recipe and marketing.

The Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix is a great find in stores but you can also order it here for convenience. It produces fluffy pancakes that are soft and oh so tasty. Below are some of the mix variants sold by the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix:

1. Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix – Whole Wheat

Create great tasting pancakes as well as healthy with this Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix variant. A good source of iron and fiber, this pancake mix is good for the heart as well as the digestive system.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, enriched bleached flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), brown sugar, sugar, dried molasses, salt, wheat germ, hydroxylated soy lecithin, soy flour.


Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix – Whole Wheat Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/4 Cup Mix (38 g/ approx. 3-4” pancakes)
Servings Per Container: varies depending on package size

Amount Per Serving

Dry Mix Alone   Prepared as Directed

Calories:                                               120                         200

Calories from Fat                            5                             60

% of Daily Value**

Total Fat 0.5g*

1%                          10%

Saturated Fat0g                              0%                         8%

Trans Fat0g


Cholesterol 0mg                               0%                          19%

Sodium 620mg                                  26%                        28%

Potassium 140mg                             4%                          7%

Total Carbohydrate 26g                                 9%                          10%

  Dietary Fiber 3g                              10%                        10%

Sugars 4g


Protein 4g

Vitamin A                                            0%                          4%

Vitamin C 0% 0%

Calcium                                                6%                          15%

Iron                                                        15%                        15%

Thiamin                                                10%                        15%

Riboflavin                                            20%                        25%

Niacin                                                    15%                        15%

Folic Acid                                             8%                          10%

Phosphorus                                        30%                        40%

Magnesium                                        8%                          10%



2. Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix – Buttermilk Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix

In minutes, you’ll have tasty pancakes on the table. This Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix variant provides you with pancakes that are buttery delicious and are so fluffy. Another good inclusion to this mix is that it has calcium and iron.

3. Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix – Original Pancake & Waffle Mix

This pancake mix creates delicious treats. It is fortified with calcium and iron so you’ll be glad serving them to your family. It contains wheat ingredients as well as traces of milk, egg and soy.


Ingredients: enriched bleached flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), salt, calcium carbonate.



If it’s a special breakfast you wish, do it with the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix review

Do you wish to feel a certain kind of warmth and satisfaction when eating pancakes? By all means you have got to try the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix. This easy to cook pancake mix is made from the choicest ingredients sure to satisfy your taste. Considerably the most popular brand of pancake mix in the world, the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix creates flavorful treats that unforgettable! Among brands in the market today, this one produces rich flavored pancakes. Stacking pieces of pancakes one on top of the other is so fun, breakfast and snack time will surely be exciting.

Proven delicious and economical for 100 hundred years, the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix is a winner of a brand. It is fluffy and rises on its own for there are traces of egg in the powder.


Try this Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix recipe at home and be delighted at your handy work:


Pancake with peanutbutter


2 cups Aunt Jemima pancake mix – Original Complete Pancake Mix

1-1/2 cups water

1/3 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup raisins

2  ripe bananas, sliced

Chocolate syrup

Lightly sweetened whipped cream, optional



1. Mix Aunt Jemima pancake mix, water and peanut butter (mix according to package directions), add the raisins and mix some more.

2. Heat a pan with butter; cook the pancake batter on hot frying pan until golden brown

3. Top pancakes with sliced bananas, chocolate syrup and swirls of whipped cream.  Delicious.



The Aunt Jemima pancake mix is a gem of a product. It is the most loved pancake mix in the USA and is being ordered online all over the world. Discover the goodness of pancakes with the Aunt Jemima pancake mix; order here for convenience of shopping.


Cereal Drinks

Cereal Drinks

Cereal Drinks

Cereal Drinks came into the market as a substitute for coffee, milk and chocolate drinks. Cereal drinks offer what the other beverages cannot – a complete meal in a cup. A lot of cereal drinks concentrate their product in giving nutrition. This is true for people on the go who can’t afford enough time to prepare a full breakfast.

This article is all about the different cereal drinks in the market. We are not trying to compare each product. We are just trying to list them and let you decide which one is for you. Although all of these products are cereal drinks, each of them has different aspects that we can’t discount. We can only provide you with brief reviews and some of our own point of view.


Nesvita 3 in 1 cereal Drink

The Nesvita 3 in 1 Cereal Milk Drink is one of the pioneers in Cereal Milk Drink. This is manufactured by Nestle, a giant company operating in multiple countries. Nesvita 3 in 1 has 13 Vitamins and Minerals to give you the full nutrition you need for breakfast.

Nesvita Cereal Milk Drink

Nesvita Cereal Milk Drink

Nesvita 3 in 1 cereal Drinks Flavors

Nesvita 3 in 1 Oat – Oat flavor is one of the most stable Nesvita 3 in 1. It has that original taste of oat and then coupled with the Nesvita basic taste. This one can easily go to be the favorite. There is nothing fancy about this one.

Nesvita 3 in 1 Oat Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 30g (1 Pack)

Amount per Serving

Calories 119

Calories from Fat 19.8


% Daily Value *

Total Fat 2.2g 3%

Saturated Fat 0g 0%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Sodium 0mg 0%

Total Carbohydrate 21.1g 7%

Dietary Fiber 0g 0%

Sugars 0g

Protein 3.3g 6%

Est. Percent of Calories from:

Fat 16.9%

Carbs 71.9%

Protein 11.2%


Nesvita 3 in 1 Honey – This is a little bit fancy compared to the oat flavor, a little sweeter flavor. Kids will surely like this along with the chocolate flavor. Rest assured, they didn’t put too much sugar on this one. This pretty much has that mild honey flavor.

Nesvita 3 in 1 Honey Nutritional facts

Serving: 28 Grams

Calories                113                         Sodium 0 mg

Total Fat               2 g                          Potassium           0 mg

Saturated            0 g                          Total Carbs          73 g

Polyunsaturated              0 g          Dietary Fiber      0 g

Monounsaturated           0 g          Sugars   0 g

Trans                     0 g                          Protein 3 g

Cholesterol         0 mg

Vitamin A            0%                          Calcium                0%

Vitamin C             0%                          Iron        0%


Nesvita 3 in 1 Original – This is the basis for all the flavors. If you want your Nesvita Cereal Drink to be at its simplest, come home to the original flavor. If even the oatmeal flavor is too fancy and complicated for you, get original. This is the classic flavor that made the Nesvita 3 in1 fall into its place as one of the leaders in Cereal Drinks.

Nesvita 3 in 1 Original Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 28

Amount Per Serving

Calories from Fat 2.7Calories 100.7


% Daily Values*

Total Fat 0.3g     0%

Saturated Fat –                 Cholesterol –

Sodium –                              Total Carbohydrate 20g 7%

Dietary Fiber –                   Sugars –

Protein 4.5g


Vitamin A –                          Vitamin C –

Calcium –                              Iron –


Nesvita 3 in 1 Chocolate – Who doesn’t like Chocolates? Even aliens will love chocolate. No buts! Kids will surely love this. Even my grandma loves chocolates. If you are a chocolate drink lover and you don’t want to switch over to Cereal drinks, this may be the answer.

Nesvita 3 in 1 Chocolate Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 45 g

Amount per Serving

Calories 162

Calories from Fat 32.4


% Daily Value *

Total Fat 3.6g                                     5%

Saturated Fat 0g                               0%

Cholesterol 0mg                                               0%

Sodium 0mg                                       0%

Total Carbohydrate 27.3g             9%

Dietary Fiber 7g                                28%

Sugars 0g

Protein 5.6g                                        11%


Est. Percent of Calories from:

Fat                          19.8%

Carbs                     66.6%

Protein                 13.7


Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink

Energen Nutritious Milk and Cereal Drink – Energen is one of the most emerging brands. This is manufactured by Sigmavit, a relatively small company compared to Nestle. Energen is just a recent addition to the Cereal Drinks Family. New, but they have made an impression. They have been very marketable and have made it to smaller stores. This may be the only cereal drink to do so. Energen Cereal Drink has 2 flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate


Energen Cereal Milk Drink

Energen Cereal Milk Drink

Energen Cereal Drink Chocolate flavor – Again, who doesn’t love chocolates? There are some things that everyone just loves.  Energen made sure they have that love to their product.

Energen Cereal Drink Vanilla flavor – Vanilla is not less loved than chocolate is. Having only 2 basic flavors to choose from, they aren’t as complicated as the other ones. This is to show that Energen has the basic strategy- only have flavors that are known to work. And it does.

Follow this link for more information regarding Energen Cereal Drink


Nestle Bear Brand Busog Lusog Cereal Drink

Bear Brand’s Busog Lusog is one of the more popular Cereal Drinks. This rendition of the Bear Brand Milk followed shortly after the explosion of the Energen Cereal Drink in the market. This may have been one of Nestle’s reactions to Sigmavit.


Bear Brand Busog Lusog Cereal Drink

Bear Brand Busog Lusog Cereal Drink

Follow this link for more information regarding Bear Brand Busog Cereal Drink


Vita Quaker 3 in 1 Oat Cereal Drink

Vita Quaker 3 in1 Oat Cereal Drink

Vita Quaker 3 in1 Oat Cereal Drink


Vita Quaker 3 in 1 Oat Cereal Drink – This is made with the goodness of Quaker oats. In general, there is quality in these sachets, considering that it is from Quaker, There is no elaborate review with regards to this product over the internet. But, I can tell you that this is one of the premium products in Cereal Drinks. Why? Because I have tried it out and that there is one thing that quality has. Quaker has the quality. Period!


Vita Quaker 3 in 1 Oat Cereal Drink Nutritional Facts

Serving size = 19 g

Serving per package = 1

Energy (kcal) = 72

Protein = 0.8 g

Total fat = 1.9 g

Saturated Fat = 1.4 g

Iron = 0.4mg

Monounsaturated fat = 0.3 g

Polyunsaturated fat = 0.2 g

Trans fatty acid = 0 g

Cholesterol = 0 mg

Carbohydrate = 13 g

Dietary fiber = 0.4 g

Calcium = 190 mg

Sodium = 68 mg

If you are after Cereal Drinks – Always follow what you love. If you hate the flavor of one product, don’t; restrict yourself. There is no point in constantly restricting yourself with a product you don’t love. Find something that you can enjoy.


Tip: There is still no substitute for a good full breakfast!


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