Aqua Net Hairspray

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Let your hair rise with Aqua Net hairspray. Do those wacky hairdos from the 80’s like the curly bangs, funky ponys and shaggy dos. With the Aqua Net hairspray, your locks will hold that look all day all the way!

If you think gel does not give your hair a natural look and hair wax isn’t that strong enough, then the Aqua Net hairspray maybe the answer to your hair styling needs. The Aqua Net hairspray combines strength and beauty in fashion; this is the ultimate way to style straight, wavy and curly hair.

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Aqua Net hairspray is a cosmetic product used to hold strands of hair together for long periods of time. The liquid is composed of formula that is sticky to the hair but dries easily with less mess. The liquid is pumped from a metal can and can be sprayed to hair with precision.

Aqua Net Hairspray Review


Need to style a pointed Mohawk? Let the Aqua Net hairspray help you. This amazing hairspray can hold strands of hair in place for hours. Even men love the Aqua Net hairspray; it holds a foot long of hair up high and it’s certainly easy to use. It also does not leave any greasy or sticky feel.

We often hear a lot of reviews about hairspray among women but men today publish some too. Men are finding it easy to use Aqua Net hairspray. I agree with them that using it is not messy. You can target a specific cluster of hair with precision and spray on for maximum hold. A testimony by a male Aqua Net hairspray user once caught my attention; he said that he imitated Hugh Jackman’s hairdo in the movie “X-men” and Aqua Net hairspray was perfect. He said Wolverine’s hairdo came alive with this brand.

Aqua Net hairspray is amazing! Touching hair, you’ll notice that it is not sticky and brittle. In front of the mirror, it looks so natural that even at close distance, hair looks so natural. Another good thing about the Aqua Net hairspray is that hair is not easily messed by wind or sweat; your bangs will maintain the curly upward style all day long.

Did you know the Aqua Net hairspray costs cheaper than most gels or hair mousse? For a terrific product, it’s a wonder it costs only so little. I simply must recommend you use Aqua Net hairspray. It’s a winner among women and is beginning to be a favorite among men too.


Aqua Net hairspray Ingredients:

Water (aqua), Dimethyl Ether, SD Alcohol 40-B (alcohol denat), VA/Crotonates/Vinyl Neodecandate Copolymer, Octylacrylamide/Acrylates Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Aminomethylpropanol, Sodium Benzoate, Cyclohexylamine, Cyclopentasiloxane, Sodium PCA, Masking Fragrance

How to use the Aqua Net hairspray

Using a comb or your hand, style hair the way you want, hold that for a second and spray the Aqua Net hairspray (don’t forget to cover your eyes). Half a foot away, spraying it would cover much of the head’s hair while a closer distance concentrates Aqua Net hairspray strength on hair.

Try these 80s hairdo ideas:

1. Big bangs 

Tease your bangs straight up and then shape them with your hand. Spray Aqua Net hairspray generously at a distance of about 4-6 inches away. Cover your eyes along the process.

2. Crimped hair 

Moms and grannies loved this hairdo during their heydays. It’s being sported today and it looks good even for today’s generation:

Doing tiny braids to hair, sleep in them and let loose in the morning. Style with your fingers and spray the Aqua Net hairspray all over.


Aqua Net hairspray is manufactured by Lornamead, a leading name in hair styling products. Aqua Net hairspray is popular not only in the United States but is also preferred in Europe and Asia. Here in the Philippines, famous beauty salons and dressers are always with Aqua Net hairspray.