Gatsby Hair Wax and Gatsby Hair Gel


Thank heavens there’s Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel to fix your hairdo for that special event today! Spike your hair up, flatten it down, comb it and style it any way you want it and Gatsby hair wax will hold it for you making you look and feel good.

Are you frustrated with how unruly hair can be? Do you often wish your locks would just keep an elegant combed style? Or are you the one who wants hair spiked up keeping stride to today’s fashion? Whatever hair style you prefer, count on Gatsby hair wax to set it and preserve it for long hours.


The Gatsby Hair Wax Variants

Gatsby Hair Wax Matte Type

matte finish

gatsby hair wax

Easy to apply on hair and unbelievably affordable, this Gatsby hair wax is the perfect solution for us guys to preserve a hair style for hours. It is white in appearance and waxy to the touch, a small amount of this can cover a large area of hair enabling the user to style it any way he wants. It provides a natural dry look to the hair without the shine but the setting strength is good.

Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber Spiky Edge


This is an awesome product to style the hair; the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber is absolutely preferred by men all over Asia for it easily creates different hair styles that are flexible. It’s light and fragrant with its apple scent and the best thing about it is that the hair can be reshaped and re-styled all day! Unlike gel, the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber does not make your hair clump, balding guys will truly love this. Strength: Very good.


How to use the Gatsby Hair Wax

On your palm and fingers, gather a small amount of Gatsby hair wax and spread it through your hair gradually working from the base up to the tips. Style hair using a wide toothed comb or your hands.

The Gatsby Hair Gel – Super Hard

Do you prefer a wet look and shiny appearance to your hair? Look for the Gatsby Hair Gel – Super Hard to shape your locks to a style that will hold all through out the day. This Gatsby hair gel is the strongest in the line plus does not succumb to humidity and perspiration! If you’re an athlete or one who easily perspires but still want to keep that hairdo, this is the gel to buy. This Gatsby hair gel is quick drying and for best results, dampen the hair a little before applying.

The Gatsby Hair wax and Gatsby hair gel comparison

Hair can absolutely make a person look handsome and styling it can give one confidence and character. The Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel are indeed among the best in setting the hair and in this we ourselves put our utmost trust. The Gatsby hair wax can benefit a person in the way that it holds the hair in place but makes it appear so natural. Looking at it, it would seem that no artificial substance was added to hair and when winds blow, the hair moves with it giving it a really natural feel and look. Hair strands do not clump so when you comb your hair with your fingers, it still is very much manageable!

Gatsby hair gel on the other hand is super strong to hold the hair in place plus gives it an ultra shiny appearance. People who want a wet look to coincide with a particular outfit will certainly find satisfaction with Gatsby hair gel. Most of the time, the Gatsby hair gel allows a person to keep his hairstyle from morning till night by allowing hair strands to bind with each other thus resisting winds and perspiration. The downside however is that hair cannot be reshaped anymore once it has hardened and to people with thinning hair, baldness is very much evident.

Whatever hair styling needs it may be, Gatsby hair wax and Gatsby hair gel has the perfect variants for all of us.