Ajinomoto MSG

Ajinomoto is a pretty common household commodity. The Ajinomoto seasoning is very popular in the Philippines and in the neighboring countries. The Ajinomoto MSG became the top choice because of its versatility. It is used in almost every form of Filipino cooking. It quite easy to use.


Ajinomoto Seasoning is based on glutamates that have been derived from a discovery in 1909 by Japanese Kikunae Ikeda, first discovered in seaweeds but was later found to be anywhere from onions and garlic. The Ajinomoto seasoning is primarily made of MSG – Monosodium Glutamate.


How to use the Ajinomoto seasoning?


The Ajinomoto is based in the form of powder, although it is salt like. It has a crystalline composition that can easily be dissolved in various cooking forms.


Use Ajinomoto MSG for Dressing – sprinkle Ajinomoto on any meat, fish and burger patties. You can use them on filings and any mixtures. The Ajinomoto seasoning should be mixed well so that the meat absorbs all flavors. This should also add to flavor to the dressing.

Use Ajinomoto MSG on simple sautés – use this when stir frying vegetables, chicken, pork or beef. It works like magic. You can add Ajinomoto with the vegetables or with the meat – as long as you allow some time for the flavors to settle.

Use Ajinomoto MSG as last finishing touches for cooking – If you suspect that you are getting into a cooing disaster, use the Ajinomoto seasoning to rescue you. If you fail to bring in flavors together, try to simplify things by adding Ajinomoto.

Use Ajinomoto seasoning to enhance soup bases – Soups are best with Ajinomoto. Whether or not you have added the best ingredients, you will be surprised at what the MSG brings out in your soup base. What it does is enhance the flavor of your ingredients while also bringing it together.

Use Ajinomoto seasoning to bring out flavors of spices – Spices in cooking are brought together by the Ajinomoto seasoning. It simply boosts the effect of any special spice you add in. You don’t have to worry about having conflicts in flavor. The Ajinomoto seasoning is very flexible.

Use Ajinomoto MSG for nuts – If you are into having mixed nuts, try to include a Ajinomoto. This will create a twist, certain sweetness. Plain salt will not do the trick. Add some spices and Umami Ajinomoto.

Use Ajinomoto MSG for salads – Although not a popular use for Ajinomoto, you can use this to add some twist and enhancer to the flavor of the salad dressing. This will add sweetened version while giving some salty appeal. It’s nice to work with Ajinomoto as a flavor enhancer on salads.


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