Maggi Magic Sarap

Magic SarapMaggie Magic Sarap : The best all in one seasoning mix

When Maggi released the Magic Sarap seasoning , it became an instant hit! It is now a household seasoning mix. They come in almost all types of packages and used in every Pinoy recipe. They even used in on Fried sunny side up eggs. This is the coolest seasoning mix! Now I can cook what I want, and almost always I get saved by this seasoning. Cook sophisticated food recipes then add in the Maggie Magic Sarap, it’s just that easy to cook nowadays!

Given below are description of the Maggi Magic Sarap, and Why people love it so much!


What’s do good about Maggi Magic Sarap?

Maggie Magic Sarap is made with real meat and spices, then transformed into granules. The granules seldom solidify, I guess they made it that way to provide preservation in their product, adding shelf life is a primary concern for these manufacturers too, and to us consumers as well. They come in natural flavors…I guess that makes it unique. They do have glutamate in it as extra flavor, so its a remake of the famous Ajinomoto, another perfect seasoning.

Magic Sarap is as easy as they come. just sprinkle it in, and our done. What you only need to do is taste your food. Don’t add too much as it also has its limitations. Too much of something is a pain in the ass. The best thing about it is of course, flavor. It brings out the flavor in every dish, providing accent for every tongue. They practically made granules out of the original recipes for sauteing the spices. Although it isn’t a substitute for such, it gives additional taste, good enough for you to crave more.

Maggi Magic Sarap has evolved to save more and more homies with their cooking. Having a cooking assistant like Maggi magic sarap should ensure that we have what it takes to start a party. It really works!

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How Maggi Magic Sarap is used


There are different usage for different recipes, most are standard applications. use it like salt. It might substitute salt in the future. Its just that good. Anyway, there’s a lot to know from down below. Read on!

Here’s the general instructions at the back side label:

Sprinke the Magic Sarap on all your dishes. Each granule is filled with awesome natural favors and aroma plus real meat and spices. Your Magic touch is all your need to guarantee extra tasty meals.

I translated some of the Phrases since they wrote it in Filipino.

Maggi Magic Sarap on soup bases


Ratio is on 1 tablespoon for every 750 ml of water, Just sprinkle it in and take taste test. Flavor has always been subjective you know. it works well for chicken soups, stews, Sinigang (sour soup). Just go ahead and melt those granules in boiling water, you’ll see the color begins to change. That’s always good!


Maggi Magic Sarap on Fried or Grilled fish, pork chops, chicken…


Apply the 1 tablespoon of granules on the outside layers of the piece to fry. 1 tablespoon for every piece to ensure that flavor is instigated on the piece; may it be meat or fish. It gives crunchiness too. The trick is to apply the granules first before putting in the batter. This helps to preserve the flavor inside the layered breading. You can even use it on tempura if you want. I tried it once, it was great!


Maggi Magic Sarap for vegetables


Steamed vegetables, sauteed vegetables, they’ll be made your child’s favorite when you get to add in some magic granules. The common term in Filipino is Ginisa, it means to saute in some garlic and onions on oil then add in a mix of vegetables like bitter gourd, pumpkin, eggplant..etc..

What you do for steamed vegetables is add in Magic Sarap on top of the vegetables when you steam in. Just sprinkling them will suffice. As for the sauteing, add it after the vegetables are in the pan and ready for tasting. You have to sprinkle the Magic Sarap just before taste tests so your tongue feels the real worth.

add in 1 table spoon for every half kilogram set of veggies.

Maggi Magic Sarap on Fried Rice


Fried is very popular in Filipinos, and having Fried rice with Magic Sarap is best! Do the Usual Fried Rice recipe, saute in some garlic and onions, add the prepared rice, but instead of sprinkling in all salt, add in that special ingredient. Those granules will give you the flavor you are waiting for.

1 table spoon for every 3 cups or rice, you might get to do another 3 cups more after you tasted it…


Maggi Magic Sarap for Sauced Recipes / stews


Menudo, Afritada, Caldereta..These are familiar Filipino comfort food that we’ll enjoy, then We will rejoice when we add Magic Sarap. Yipee! Its 1 tablespoon for every half kilogram of meat. Add in the granules before the taste tests. yum yum


Maggi Magic Sarap for Noodle treats

Yap Yap…Noodles were a gift from the Chinese, we didn’t get them from Italy. Pancit as we call them in the Philippines, It prolongs your life (a common saying here). Its 1 tablespoon for every quarter kilogram of noodles. If you think the noodles will absorb the flavor, add some more. This heightens the natural flavors.


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Magic Sarap Ingredients


Here are the Ingredients for your Super seasoning:

  • Iodized Salt
  • Monosoium Glutamate
  • Sugar
  • Chicken fat
  • Flavor enhancer
  • garlic
  • Onion
  • spices
  • Natural and nature identical flavors
  • Egg powder
  • Meat powder


Magic Sarap Manufacturer

Nestle Philippines


Magic Sarap is Manufactured by Nestle Philippines given are the details below:

NESTLE Philippines, inc.
Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
Under License of Socite Des Produits
Nestle, SA Vevey, Switzerland

You can always visit them at for more info on their products.


Packaging and Selling Price


Maggi Magic Sarap is Packaged in Sachets, Usually in smaller packs at the Local stores. The Basic Practice is to keep them in the sachets, and just store them in the kitchen at those packages. This however gets moisture and may damaged the granules over time. We strongly suggest you bring it out of the plastic packaging and transfer it to container bottles. This way it protected and gets to have longer shelf life.

You don’t have to worry about the selling price, every sachet costs below $.25. Go get the whole dozen!