Mama Sitas Capampangan Sisig Review

Mama Sitas Capampangan Citrus Pepper Review

Online sari sari store gives this product an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with a price range of $20.75. The sisig is the all time favorite beer match dish in the Philippines. This was invented in Pampanga, hence its is called Capampangan. The sisig is made from pork face, boiled and grilled, and chopped up to very small pieces. These are then cooked with spices and chopped onions, plus seasonings. With the help of this product, everything will be a little simpler.

Manufacturers Product Description

A sizzling delight that zooms straight to the middle of the dinner table: chopped meat traditionally flavored with black pepper, soy sauce, citrus and chopped onions. In Pampanga, the meat is boiled until very tender before being grilled or fried.

  • Citrus Pepper Spice Mix
  • Product of the Philippines


BUY Mama Sitas Capampangan Sisig Citrus Pepper Spice Mix 40g (Pack of 10) online

There are different packages you can enjoy, please check the image links for more. This product from Mama Sita’s is a favorite in the Philippines. This is a part of the many comfort food you can surely be proud of. Mama Sita’s creates a lot of flavors, contemporary to that of the Philippines. If you want to have the nice flavors with less effort, please try this product and others reviewed here are Online sari sari store.

A closer look at the Mama Sitas Capampangan Sisig Citrus Pepper Spice Mix 40g (Pack of 10)

This is a nice falvorign mix to try. The Pepper citrus is a nice flavor and goes well with ground beef and other meat products.

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