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knorr rice mate


Rice mate is gaining more trust from rice dependent countries. For the South East Asian Countries who have been dependent on rice – there is no substitute for having quality. Rice quality has been the baiss of a good meal for these countries and Knorr rice mate found the answer.


Knorr rice mate is an easy to use cooking addition for rice. It levels up the quality of rice. Many thought of this product as a fraud from Knorr. Rice can’t simply be upgraded when cooking. It takes good famring methods and more elaborate process to have good quality rice. Well, Knorr just did all that for them.


With Knorr rice mate, rice just got so much better. This is might be called one of those miracle workers in the kitchen. Much like the Maggi Magic Sarap – only it’s made for rice. Mothers can actually smell the difference. Who said rice didn’t have flavors? Yes they do – and everyone can tell.


A good smelling rice is a good rice. Quality rice means quality meals – just what Knorr rice mate offers. With the magic this add on brings, it’s no wonder it is hitting households. The best thing about this product is that it is really cheap and everyone can afford Knorr rice mate.


Why bother to try Knorr Rice Mate

Knorr Rice Mate not only levels up your rice, it also brings in aroma and flavor. Unlike the common misconception that this product will only be bringing in chemicals and bleaching agents to rice, this actually helps out. Rice Mate is bringing appetite for a hearty meal.


Wouldn’t you like to have a higher quality of rice on your plates? Wouldn’t you like saving on rice allowances for the month? The margin for middle quality rice to higher quality rice is quite a difference. Having rice mate, middle quality rice actually becomes A+ quality. Imagine what it does for a good quality rice.


Knorr Rice Mate Ingredients

These are the ingredients for Knorr Rice Mate: Jasmine Rice, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Artificial Pandan Flavor, Palm oil, Natural Flavor, Nutrient Premix


The ingredients seem simple. What you should focus on is that there are no bleach agents. The actual flavor enhancers come from these: Jasmine rice and Pandan. Jasmine rice is considered as top quality rice – really expensive! Pandan is the best flavor enhancer for rice.


You may also want to take into consideration that they made an effort for a Nutrient premix which contains Vitamin A, and Potassium Iodide – It’s a good way to account health concerns. Notice there is no MSG added – this makes all products seem unhealthy. Having no preservatives and MSG, this is a legitimate product not made to fool consumers.


How to Use Knorr Rice Mate on Rice

Knorr rice mate is simply added to rice after it is washed and ready to cook. Remember to mix the rice with the Knorr rice mate thoroughly.  This is to even out the effect if the rice mate. Remember that one 5 gram pack is good for half a kilogram of rice. Using Knorr rice mate, you’ll see that the aroma is present and that rice is generally whiter – the way we like it.


Where to Buy Knorr Rice Mate

Knorr rice mate should be available in the Philippines – on almost all corners. You can find cheaper pricing at wholesalers – Puregold generally sells  much cheaper. For other countries, you can buy Knorr Rice Mate online.


Knorr Rice mate Available in

Knorr rice mate is available in Fast deliveries are available. You can click the link below if you want to order. Generally 2 to 3 days of waiting time.

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