Ajinomoto – Hon Dashi (Soup Stock)


Ajinomoto – Hon Dashi (Soup Stock) Product Reviews

Hondashi by Ajinomoto: Dashi – literally means Bonito Fish Stock. This is used for a majority of the Japanese soups and stews as stock. This is pretty popular for Japanese Cuisines.
This can be used for Miso soup, Udon Soup, Dashi Soup, and others soup which you would like to have an oriental flavor of Bonito. 1 table spoon generally makes 3 to 6 cups of soup.

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The Ajinomoto brand is best known for Umami – another dimension of taste. It is generally recognized in the cooking world. If you want the best flavor of Bonito in your dish, try out this product.
This is a creative way of giving your dishes a great distinct oriental flavor. Try adding this as fish soup stock and you’ll understand what it is to be japanese.

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