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Maggi Savor – Hot Chili liquid seasoning is the rich uncle of soy sauce. This is the seasoning that was seasoned to make you feel good about any food you want. This goes well with any fried food and with rice. You should always try this on small drizzles over your food as it is a bit concentrated with flavor. Umami is used to describe that senasation in your tongue that make that savory flavor – this is what it creates, Savor. The additional chilli flavor also adds a kick.

Maggi Savor is a nice seasoning. It is very popular in the Philippines. The nice thing is it goes well with grilled, fried and steam food. May it be Veggies, fish, poultry or dairy – It just goes well with everything. The thing is, it taste like a single tinge at the tip of your tongue. Then, you get hooked.

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Maggi Savor offers a lot of flavor too. These available flavors are garlic, chilli, calamansi and of course the classic.

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Maggi is one of the leading brands in the Philippines for innovative seasoning mixes – made to make the modern life even easier.

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