Mama Sitas Bacolod Style Inasal Review

Mama Sitas Bacolod Inasal Bottle Review

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This product from Mama Sita’s is a favorite in the Philippines. This is a part of the many comfort food you can surely be proud of. Mama Sita’s creates a lot of flavors, contemporary to that of the Philippines. Mama Sita’s Bacolod Style Inasal marinade will make the nicest grilled chicken. Inasal is known as a garlic marinated chicken from the central Visayas islands of the Philippines. The garlic helps in flavoring the meat while also tenderizing making it a nice treat for everyone.

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Manufacturers Product Description

Mama Sita’s Bacolod style Inasal Marinade with Lemon grass, Ginger Spice 350ml per bottle pack of 3 bottles

  • Mama Sita’s Pang Inasal Sauce pack of 3 350 Ml per bottle


BUY Mama Sita’s Bacolod Style Inasal Sauce Pack of Three 350 Ml Per Bottle online

This pack of three bottles can be bought from Amazon. This is a nice product if you want to try out the original Inasal recipe without sacrificing time and effort.

A closer look at the Mama Sita’s Bacolod Style Inasal Sauce Pack of Three 350 Ml Per Bottle

The Inasal recipe is not a secret – but it is tedious and hard to perfect. The process involves having to extract the juices of garlic to have a strong flavor. This is where Inasal gets its aroma. With the Mama Sita’s Bacolod Style Inasal Sauce, this will make your life very easy. Simply marinade you chicken, grill it and it’s done. Perfectly simple with the help of Mama Sita.

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