Maggi Chicken Bullion Caldo Sabor Review

Maggi Chicken Bullion Caldo Sabor Review

Online sari sari store gives Maggi Chicken Bullion Caldo an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with a price range of $13.06. This is a nice product from Knorr Рtry to explore more seasonings here at online sari sari so you get to have a complete scope of your options. There are different packages you can enjoy, please check the image links for more.

This is an easily soluble bullion that can be added to pretty much any cooking that uses water. One tablet of this joyous product can create up to cup of chicken broth. These are used to prepare instant stocks, and can be added to chicken recipes to enhance the chicken flavor.


Manufacturers Product Description

Maggi Seasonings and Bouillons have been around since 1866. Maggi Chicken flavor Bullion is an easy to use soft dissolvable bullion, one tablet makes 2 cups of hot delicious broth. Use Maggi Chicken Bullion to prepare delicious soups, rice, pastas, beans, meats, and all types of dishes.

  • Maggi Caldo Pollo (Chicken Bouillon) 3.38 OZ

BUY Maggi Chicken Bullion Caldo Sabor  8 cubes (4 Pack) online

Maggi Chicken Bullion Caldo is another magical product that gives you an enhanced chicken flavor. This is available in amazon and there are also a lot fo alternatives in Online sari sari store.

A closer look at the Maggi Chicken Bullion (Caldo Sabor a Pollo), 8 cubes (4 Pack)

This is a classic product from Maggi and has been around for more than a hundred years. Yes, it is amazing. These tablets make a big difference in taste and also is very nice to have in the kitchen as it is a multi purpose seasoning for soups, stew, vegetable stir fries, rice and others.


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